PALO ALTO, Calif., March 7, 2023Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security™ Company, today launched the Rubrik Transform Partner Program to empower partners to become trusted data security advisors and help improve the cyber readiness, resilience, and recovery for their customers. Rubrik Transform leverages a points-based scoring system and customizable incentive plan to reward top-performing partners, equipping them with important resources to win in the ongoing battle against modern cyber threats.

According to the Rubrik Zero Labs State of Data Security report, only five percent of organizations were able to return to business continuity or normal operations within one hour of discovering a cyberattack. Organizations today need a complete cyber resilience strategy in addition to simple ways to quickly test recovery readiness plans and investigate data threats. 

“Rubrik’s most strategic partners are focused on addressing some of the most urgent cybersecurity risks organizations are facing. The solutions they provide customers with Rubrik’s technology is enabling customers to build resilience, which enables quick recovery from cyber incidents,” said Ghazal Asif, Vice President of Global Partners and Alliances at Rubrik. “Our commitment to collaborating with and enabling our partner ecosystem has never been stronger, and we’re committed to providing our partners opportunities to expand their earning potential and offerings through the Rubrik Transform Partner Program. Together, we aim to enable business resiliency for organizations around the world.”

The Rubrik Transform Partner Program is a groundbreaking program that leverages a points-based scoring system. Partners are able to accumulate points based on specific activities outlined in the program. And in line with Rubrik's continued commitment to cyber security offerings and securing the world's data, partners can accelerate their score by completing qualifying value-add activities that highlight the value of Rubrik Data Security. This points-based system allows partners to unlock tiers, with the top tiers providing strategic financial benefits and investments from Rubrik, regardless of their type, size, or historical status. With the new structure, partners can achieve the following tiers and associated benefits:

  • Authorized Partner: This partnership provides eligibility for discount advantages for uncovering and driving approved end user opportunities registered through the Partner Portal. Authorized Partners receive quarterly sales incentives for uncovering net-new opportunities.

  • Elite Partner: Once a partner accumulates a minimum threshold of points by demonstrating achievement against the qualifying activities, Elite Partner status is unlocked. In addition to the discount advantages and sales incentives that Authorized Partners benefit from, Elite Partners are eligible for additional financial benefits to reward performance for uncovering and closing net-new opportunities to Rubrik.

  • Elite+ Partner: Elite Partners with a high volume of bookings in the previous 12 months are eligible for customized incentives and business development investments, including marketing development funds and Rubrik dedicated resources by completing an investment plan with their regional channel development team.

“The new Rubrik Transform Partner Program provides additional benefits to partners for doing what we already aim to do – help customers enhance their data observability and bolster their cyber resilience,” said Tawna Perkins, Associate Vice President of Strategic Alliances at CDI. “We’re thrilled that Rubrik is collaborating with their partner network to build a program and create an incentive structure that encourages and rewards partners for focusing on mutually beneficial results.”

“The new Transform Partner Program is a testament to Rubrik’s ongoing prioritization of robust partnerships,” said Rob Maniscalco, Senior Technology Executive at Gotham Technology Group. “There are multiple avenues for rewards that are not just based on revenue. This allows partners of all sizes to reap the benefits and enable a more holistic approach to Zero Trust Data Security for customers around the world.”

“Partners are critical to Rubrik’s mission of securing the world’s data,” said Brian McCarthy, Chief Revenue Officer of Rubrik. “We’ve experienced tremendous momentum with our partners and Rubrik is committed to continually investing in their success as part of our core go-to-market strategy.” 

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Rubrik is on a mission to secure the world’s data. With Zero Trust Data Security™, we help organizations achieve business resilience against cyberattacks, malicious insiders, and operational disruptions. Rubrik Security Cloud, powered by machine learning, secures data across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS applications. We help organizations uphold data integrity, deliver data availability that withstands adverse conditions, continuously monitor data risks and threats, and restore businesses with their data when infrastructure is attacked.

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