If you were responsible for providing a service that people rely on every day, such as media, healthcare, financial services, transportation – are you confident your consumers would not switch to another source if there was an outage? Can you afford downtime?

Best known as the publisher of USA TODAY, Gannett is the largest news publisher in the United States, delivering Pulitzer-Prize winning content to over 165 million digital readers per month. Powered by technology and data, Gannett partners with Rubrik to secure their data and deliver on their mission to preserve the future of journalism.

News never stops, and we cannot allow cyber threats to slow us down. Rubrik gives us peace of mind knowing our data is protected and available, which allows us to focus on our commitment to be the premier source of news that informs our readers and empowers communities to thrive.

Jon Van Treese
Sr. Director Infrastructure and Networking


  1. Phishing campaigns across globe as a catalyst for change

  2. Mere mention of cyber attempts could cause readers to lose trust

  3. Legacy tools and disparate systems with no centralized visibility


  1. Ransomware Monitoring & Investigation detects deletion, modifications, and encryptions from ransomware attacks

  2. Rubrik Security Cloud provides visibility across the entire enterprise

  3. 80%+ management time savings to focus on critical tasks (from 5hrs/day to <1hr/day)


Remaining ahead of the curve

With the rise of phishing campaigns targeting high-profile organizations, like Google, Facebook, and the IRS, no business is immune. And for an organization like Gannett, the consequences of a cyber-attack can be severe, “Mere mentions of attempts could cause our readers to lose trust, which could lead to reputational damage and revenue loss,” said Andrew Scoville, Infrastructure Analyst at Gannett. 

Acknowledging the increasing threats within the cyber landscape, Gannett’s IT and security leaders took a proactive approach to data security, implementing proper measures, technologies, and workflows to identify threats and trigger warnings if bad actors attempted to gain unauthorized access. 

“In order to bolster our data security posture, we first needed to address a number of pain points caused by the use of four disparate legacy tools. We needed a unified approach to data security across the enterprise,” said Jon Van Treese, Sr. Director Infrastructure and Networking. Leveraging Rubrik, Gannett’s Technology team has gained back over 4 hours a day to focus on critical tasks that had previously been spent on maintenance of legacy tools.


Delivering the “Daily Miracle”

Gannett is a dynamic business with lots of moving parts: the daily bustle of researching and developing news stories; the ability to pivot teams at a moment’s notice to publish breaking news; delivery of digital and print content; and management of numerous advertising relationships. Defending these critical activities and data against cyber threats is paramount. 

“We trust Rubrik to protect over 325TB of business-critical data. I can't say enough about Ransomware Monitoring & Investigation. It empowers us to be even more proactive in addressing potential malicious activity,” said Curtis Wiggins, Sr. Manager, IT Infrastructure. “The built-in encryption detection provides a level of comfort.”

Everything Gannett does is powered through technology and we cannot allow cyber threats to slow us down. Rubrik gives us peace of mind knowing our data is protected and available,” said Jon Van Treese, Sr. Director Infrastructure and Networking

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