Leverage the Cloud to Enable Digital & Cloud Transformation

Disaster Recovery

Instantiate your apps in the cloud when disaster strikes as a cost-effective DR strategy vs. maintaining idle infrastructure on-prem.

Cloud-Native Backup

Protect your cloud-native apps by running Rubrik as a software instance in the cloud.


Send your app data to the cloud for long-term retention while retaining immediate access with predictive search.

Search & Analytics

Instantly access all apps and files with predictive search. Use Rubrik Envision to generate actionable real-time operational insights and analytics.


Spin up new apps in the cloud or migrate existing on-prem apps to the cloud for test/dev.


Deliver replication any way you want. Heterogeneous cloud providers, different regions under the same cloud provider, or cloud to on-prem.


Elevate Data Management to New Heights

As you look to implement a cloud strategy, Rubrik provides a single software platform to protect applications across data centers and clouds, automate self-service at scale, and eliminate operational complexity.

Built for API Economy

Control your on-prem and cloud apps with a rich suite of API services.

Manage with One Interface

Same easy interface to manage on-prem, edge, and cloud applications.

Freedom of Choice

Avoid lock-in. Rubrik decouples apps and data from infrastructure.

Choose Your Cloud

Mobilize apps cloud to cloud.


Management Simplicity

Policy-Driven Automation

Automate protection policies as you scale new cloud apps. Create policies that map to business SLAs in minutes. Sit back and relax as protection policies are executed across clouds.

With our previous solution, we had to manually schedule each job and routinely check for errors, often restarting processes in the event of failure. With Rubrik’s policy-based management, all we have to do is configure our SLA’s once. Rubrik takes it from there.

Fernando Thompson

Instant Access with Predictive Search

Use Google-like global search for quick recovery at the file or application level. With Rubrik, you can search the cloud down to a single file within a cloud instance. 

Protect Cloud-Native Apps Built on NoSQL

With Rubrik Mosaic, protect and manage mission-critical, cloud-native applications built on NoSQL databases, including MongoDB and Cassandra. Build next-gen apps faster while benefitting from Rubrik’s fast performance, scalability across hundreds of nodes and multiple clouds, and consumer-grade simplicity.


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Elevate Data Management to New Heights

With Rubrik, enterprises can achieve business uptime, accelerate development, and leverage the cloud to enable digital and cloud transformation.

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