Rubrik Polaris Makes Protecting Office 365 Easy.

Unprecedented simplicity. Powerful performance. Cost effective. Linear scale. Full data control.

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Management Simplicity

No more manual job scheduling. Get up and running in <2 minutes. Assign policies via one SLA engine to meet RPO's and retention requirements.

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Fast Granular Recoveries

Recover quickly from any point in time in the event of data loss — accidental deletion, malicious activity, or corruption. Easily find individual items with object-level search.

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Cost-Effective Scale

Manage user growth at lower costs. Rubrik dynamically scales compute resources in-line with your Office 365 needs for maximum cost savings.


Office 365 Backups

Easily connect to your Azure and Office 365 subscriptions. Rubrik auto-discovers all users. Authenticate and establish a secure connection between your Azure account and Office 365 via OAuth. Polaris does the rest.

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Setting up Rubrik’s Office 365 integration was quick and simple. It only took 5 minutes to build and apply the SLA to our user mailboxes and shared mailboxes.

Jason Hull
Senior Systems Manager
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How It Works

Secure by Design

Retain full control of your data.