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Service Delivery Partners use Rubrik to deliver secure and reliable Backup-as-a-Service, DR-as-a-Service, Archival-as-a-Service on scale-out architecture across private, hybrid and public clouds. Expand your addressable market and increase your profitability with ease.

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Take Your Business to New Heights

Rubrik enables service delivery partners to scale cloud services to meet client needs while unlocking massive operational savings with quick setup times, efficient go-to-market and management ease. You can choose from a variety of deployment and pricing models to co-create innovative cloud solutions with your clients. Accelerate your go-to-market with Rubrik's white-label program.

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Pay as you go

Expand Your Revenue

Deliver a complete and differentiated suite of cloud solutions that deliver outstanding outcomes for your clients.

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Easy to manage

Increase Your Profitability

Shrink data center footprint and wipe out unnecessary hardware and software point solutions to free up resources for true innovation.

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Expand your business

Easily Scale & Manage

Gain operational agility with a simple management interface, multi-tenancy, and deployment flexibility.

An Infinitely Scalable Fabric for Multiple Cloud Services

Rubrik offers comprehensive data management services, such as backup, disaster recovery, archival, compliance, search, and analytics. Deploy Rubrik at your own data center, in the public cloud or at the client’s site in a turnkey appliance or software appliance.

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Backup Illustration


Provide on-site, off-site and cloud backups with minimal management.

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Replication Illustration

Disaster Recovery

Automate reliable, instant recovery in case of a disaster.

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Archival as a Service Illustration


Preserve data across a variety of targets that can be easily accessed with search.

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Rubrik Delivers Go-to-Market Efficiency and Operational Savings

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Policy Driven Automation

Policy Automation

Rubrik dramatically reduces daily operational management by enabling a single policy engine to orchestrate service level agreements (SLAs) across the entire data lifecycle. Provision data management services across a hybrid cloud.

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Compliance and capacity

Compliance & Security

Rubrik delivers granular role-based access control and automates compliance reporting to successfully complete various audits. Rubrik secures data whether in-flight or at-rest throughout its lifecycle, regardless of location.

Rubrik - Service Delivery Partners - Pi Illustration

API-First Architecture

Automate custom lifecycle management workflows that play well with third party services. Rubrik is designed with an API-driven interface. Even our HTML5 interface consumes RESTful API endpoints.

Securely Protect Multiple Tenants with Rubrik + vCloud Director

Leverage Rubrik’s pre-built integration with vCloud Director to securely manage and protect virtual data centers (VDCs) for multiple tenants. Create your own customized private cloud offerings tailored towards your environment needs, while empowering tenants to self-service.

Deliver Secure Backup-as-a-service to Co-hosted Tenants

Secure Data Isolation with Multi-tenancy Secure Data Isolation with Multi-tenancy

Leverage Rubrik’s multi-tenancy offering to support multiple customers within a single platform. Through Envoy, Rubrik ensures that tenant VMs are protected in an app-consistent manner while maintaining secure, isolated networks.

Operational Efficiency through Self-Service Operational Efficiency through Self-Service

Rubrik enables tenants to self-service through an easy-to-use UI and full-featured REST APIs. Tenants can manage SLAs and perform on-demand backup and recovery with just a few clicks through Envoy.

Delivering Value Through ServiceNow Integration

“By enabling self-service file-level recovery and creation of SLA policies within the ServiceNow catalog, Rubrik significantly reduces management complexity and slashes recovery times to minutes.”

Sean Donaldson CTO

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Trusted By the World’s Leading Service Delivery Partners

"Rubrik is a true enterprise-grade solution that allows customers of all sizes to embrace the economic benefits and agility of cloud."

"We deliver speed and certainty with cloud and data center initiatives to a broad spectrum of organizations. Leveraging Rubrik’s managed data protection solution for Microsoft Azure, we are able to boost value beyond normal backup and recovery."

"Rubrik’s APIs integrate seamlessly with our existing operations and business tools, enabling us to automate our end-to-end workflows."

"Rubrik’s service provider offering allows us to monetize our “as-a-service” solution and grow into a true service delivery partner in every aspect of our business."

“We take an automation-first approach to all of our deployments. Rubrik’s robust APIs integrate seamlessly with our internal automation framework and workflow engine.”

“Rubrik Envison provides enterprise-grade analytics and reporting. Our customers are now able to deliver on-demand platform analytics across their environment, invaluable for troubleshooting, compliance, and performance."

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