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Ransomware-Proofing Your Data With Rubrik and AWS

As more apps move to the cloud and a remote workforce expands, the threat landscape and potential for compromised data becomes a much larger risk.  Even with robust defense mechanisms in place, ransomware attacks continue to increase, successfully encrypting the data of many organizations. To combat these threats, enterprises need to develop a comprehensive strategy for managing and protecting their data. 

Don’t wait to be attacked! Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to build a proactive ransomware remediation plan to effectively secure your valuable data.

David Siles | Global Field CTO | Rubrik
Scott Ward | Principal Solutions Architect | AWS



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We also discuss how to:

  1. Build an effective strategy to protect against advanced ransomware that targets backups

  2. Leverage configuration, immutability, and point-in-time restores

  3. Minimize your chances of ransom payout

  4. Implement standardized compliance and governance procedures


Learn how customers are taking advantage of Rubrik and AWS to build a robust data protection strategy. We share some real world stories of ransomware attacks and how our customers successfully recovered.

Watch now to take the next step in protecting your data in the AWS cloud.