Under the Hood - How Rubrik Datos IO Works

Rubrik Datos IO is a new type of data protection software, built specifically for the world of cloud-native applications and distributed systems. Its Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery (CODR) engine enables application-consistent backups, recovery across topologies and clouds, and data deduplication that can cut TCO by up to 70%.

CODR: How it works

CODR, the Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery Engine, is the "secret sauce" in Rubrik Datos IO. CODR works behind the scenes to achieve two key goals: application-consistent data protection and industry-first NoSQL deduplication.

How CODR makes Rubrik Datos IO different
  • CODR coordinates how Rubrik Datos IO handles backup and recovery of eventually-consistent, distributed databases.
  • This includes ultralight NoSQL Service Managers, a distributed policy engine, a distributed metadata store and a storage federation layer.
  • CODR can run anywhere – in the public cloud or in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Under most configurations, NoSQL databases share multiple copies of the same data across many nodes.
  • For a sample Cassandra cluster with replication factor set to three, each row is stored on three nodes.
  • CODR deduplicates these key-value pairings, ensuing that you have a single, golden, application-consistent copy of your data – reducing storage footprint by up to 80%.

Rubrik Datos IO:
Enterprise-class NoSQL Backup

  • Built for hybrid cloud world Image

    Built for hybrid cloud world

    Rubrik Datos IO runs on all three major public clouds, in single-node or scale-out configurations, and archives to all three major public clouds – or run it on-premises.

  • Parallel Data Streaming Image

    Parallel Data Streaming

    Parallel data streaming eliminates the inherent shortcomings of legacy media-server based architectures. Instead, Rubrik Datos IO moves data directly and in parallel from the source to the destination.

  • Distributed Metadata Catalog Image

    Distributed Metadata Catalog

    Our globally distributed Metadata catalog provides location independent, data visibility enabling backup anywhere, recover anywhere, and migrate anywhere capabilities.

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