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Rubrik Mosaic

Data protection built for cloud-native and NoSQL databases. Evaluate Rubrik Mosaic

The Challenge

NoSQL Databases are different.

Your developers chose NoSQL to build modern, scalable applications faster than ever before.

As NoSQL becomes the platform of choice for your most important workloads, enterprise-grade data protection is essential. Choose a solution built for NoSQL.

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Rubrik Mosaic

NoSQL Data Management That
Solves Demanding Requirements

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    Backup and Recovery

    Deliver app-consistent backups with a policy-driven approach. NoSQL database backups are always made available in native formats.

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    Test and Development

    Accelerate test/dev processes. Restore only what’s needed, mask sensitive data, and recover to dissimilar database topologies.

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    Support data governance and compliance requirements by accessing previous versions, change history, and extracting data from a point-in-time.

Platform Overview

Sample Rubrik Mosaic Architecture.

Platform Overview

Stream data in parallel to secondary backup storage utilizing lightweight Application Listeners on each node without quiescing the database. Achieve consistent backups for sharded and unsharded database configurations.


Protect MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise databases with software-defined data management control plane. Leverage an intelligent SLA policy engine and API integration.


Restore data in parallel from/to MongoDB, resulting in reduced RPOs and RTOs. Deliver incremental forever backups from any or multiple nodes and in native MongoDB formats. Orchestrate restore operations.


Achieve hard savings by avoiding media servers, additional licensing costs for secondary instances, and operational costs of custom scripts. Semantic deduplication reduces multiple database replicas to a single backup.

The Benefits

  • App-Consistent Recoveries Image

    App-Consistent Recoveries

    Deliver faster app-consistent recoveries with a policy-driven approach. Backups are always available in native formats. Orchestrate column family-level recoveries to clusters with an any-to-any topology restore.

  • Hard TCO Savings Image

    Hard TCO Savings

    Reduce storage costs in the cloud or on-prem with Rubrik Mosaic’s patented semantic deduplication. Amplify savings with incremental forever backups.

  • Development Efficiencies Image

    Development Efficiencies

    Refresh production data into dev and test clusters with an any-to-any topology restore. Leverage advanced features such as queryable recovery, TTL support, masking, undersampling, and more.

Why Rubrik Mosaic?

Tarun Thakur, GM of Rubrik Database Solutions, discusses the rapid proliferation of next-generation applications and how his work experiences informed his understanding of data management for distributed databases.

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