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Rubrik Polaris

Introducing the industry’s first SaaS platform for a new class of data management applications. Watch Video

The Challenge

Cloud Fragments Everything.

Your applications and data are scattered across multiple locations and services – all disconnected from each other.

Retaining control, implementing governance, and meeting compliance become impossible in this fragmented world.


Meet the Polaris SaaS Platform

A Unified System of Record

Polaris organizes all your business information to make it discoverable and usable. No matter where it is.

This unified system of record includes:

  • Search, security, and workflow orchestration on a global content catalog.
  • An open API architecture to expose native platform functionality for Rubrik and third party developers.
  • A platform for a new class of data management applications for control, orchestration, and data intelligence.
Rubrik Go: Subscribe to Simplicity

Rubrik Go: Subscribe to Simplicity

With Rubrik Go, access the latest software features, keep technology refreshes on autopilot, and future proof for the cloud.

The Benefits

Unify With One Organizing Principle

Connect all your apps and data across data center and cloud with a uniform framework. Search, orchestrate, and secure everywhere.

Accelerate Time
to Value

Zero infrastructure required. No patch nightmares or painful upgrades. Leverage the latest features immediately.

Unlock Unstructured

Apply the same logic to any kind of data. Focus on business outcomes, not technical processes.

Broker On-demand Services

Stop building IT. Start delivering differentiated services faster with API-driven connectivity.

Mitigate Risk with Automated Compliance

You define policies. Polaris applies these globally to all your business applications.

Why Polaris?

Chief Technologist Chris Wahl chats with co-founder and CEO Bipul Sinha on the need for a single system of record to weather digital transformation and cloud.

Welcome to a New Horizon.

Don’t Backup. Go Forward.

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