Data security command center

Is Your Data at Risk?

Quickly discover whether your data is safe and ready to recover from a cyber attack. Identify security gaps, categorize data risks and get actionable guidance to improve your overall data security.


Reduce Data Risks & Cyber Exposures

Rubrik Data Security Command Center quickly uncovers and reduces risks to your data - helping organizations stay ahead of cyber threats and data breaches.

Visualize Data Risk

Get your data risk score based on customized and detailed security data analysis.

Boost Data Security

Fortify your data security with actionable recommendations based on industry best practices.

Compare Against Peers

Benchmark your security posture to see where improvements are needed.
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Take the Uncertainty Out of Ransomware Recovery

More than half of organizations faced a ransomware attack in the last year. Find out how to build an ironclad recovery plan at Rubrik Winter Release on November 16.


Know Your Data Risk

Categorize and assess data risk with easy-to-understand security scoring - providing IT managers with a tool to become data security professionals.



Four Risk Scores

Platform Security

Analyzes how well backup data is safeguarded against compromise, deletion and threats of ransom. Also measures the effectiveness of user controls, admin authentication and audit logs.

Data Protection & Recovery

Checks whether the latest clean copy of data will meet your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Ransomware Investigation

Determines which data is being actively monitored for ransomware threats, and whether the data can be recovered post attack.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Measures how much sensitive information is being protected and prioritized for recovery.

See Which Data is at Risk

Quickly uncover exposures to cyber threats by knowing whether Rubrik security is protecting your data - including Ransomware Investigation and Sensitive Data Discovery services. Make sure your security configurations, access controls, audit logs, encryption scanners, and security logs are properly configured and enforced.


Get Secure. Stay Secure.

Improve your overall data security posture with an advanced recommendation engine. See your score improve as you shore up security gaps and protect data.


Get Everyone Invested in Data Security

Report current and potential data risks, and progress on data security initiatives to help executives align business and security strategies. Generate and share easy-to-understand data security reports with internal security groups, GRC (governance, regulatory, and compliance) teams, and more. Benchmark against industry peers and create actionable plans to improve data security posture.


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