Data security posture management

Proactively reduce the risk of data exposure and exfiltration across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS environments.

Keep Business Running with SaaS Data Protection

Challenges of the Evolving Threat Landscape


94% of IT and security leaders reported their organizations experienced a significant cyberattack last year.1


of cyber attacks exploit legitimate access credentials to avoid detection.2


of organizations report significant data visibility challenges.3

Bad actors log into organizations’ environments with compromised credentials every day. Securing your data with perimeter defenses is no longer enough. In this threat landscape, the most effective strategy against sensitive data exfiltration is to improve your data security posture – making it harder for bad actors who enter your system to find, access, destroy, and steal your sensitive data.

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Gartner® Innovation Insight: Data Security Posture Management

Get Gartner's latest insights on DSPM and take control of your data today. You'll see Laminar (now Rubrik DSPM) featured in the report.

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Complete Cyber Resilience

What is Rubrik DSPM?

Rubrik DSPM provides the data visibility and control you need to reduce the risk of data exfiltration and minimize the impact of cyberattacks.

Rubrik DSPM is the result of the strategic integration of the Laminar Data Security Platform with Rubrik Sensitive Data Monitoring and User Intelligence. Powered by a single, industry-leading data classification engine, Rubrik DSPM offers a unified user experience across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS.

Discovery and Classification

Gain visibility and control of your data

Get an accurate and continually updated inventory of your assets and data across your on-premises, cloud, and SaaS environments.


Uncover sensitive data

Automatically discover and classify all of your sensitive, proprietary, and restricted data: whether structured, unstructured, managed, or self-hosted.

Ensure data compliance

Identify and monitor sensitive data to manage the requirements of data privacy, residency, and industry-specific regulations, including CPRA, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Leverage generative AI securely

Guide your organization’s AI strategy with data visibility to prevent sensitive data leakage in LLMs and AI-generated content.

Data Risk Management

Proactively reduce data exposure risk

Harden your data security posture to prevent sensitive data exposure and exfiltration.


Identify data at risk

Continuously get alerted to sensitive data that is overexposed, unprotected, misplaced, or redundant.

Improve data security posture

Find misconfigurations that put your data at risk so you can remediate them and improve your data security posture.

Reduce cloud costs

Identify redundant and stale data so you can reduce your attack surface while also lowering cloud spend.

Data Access Governance

Manage access to your sensitive data

Minimize the impact of security incidents by strategically managing access to your organization’s sensitive data.


Ensure least privilege access

Find and remediate excessive and unused permissions so you can reduce the blast radius of cyber attacks and minimize exposure of sensitive data.

Identify high-risk users

Discovering which users have access to your most sensitive data enables you to right-size their permissions and limit the scope and damage of security incidents.

Manage access permissions

Gain continuous visibility into access permissions across your organization with our Identity Inventory. 

Data Detection and Response (DDR)

Detect data threats early

Detect security incidents affecting your cloud data as they occur to quickly contain threats and minimize the potential damage to your business.


Get alerted to suspicious data activity

Get alerted to anomalous and suspicious data activity in near real time so you can investigate and contain data breaches before damage is done.

Streamline incident response

Streamline alerts to your incident response tools and reduce alert fatigue by focusing on threats to your most sensitive data.

Find data threats other solutions don't

By monitoring data at its source, you can detect attackers that have bypassed perimeter defenses using  compromised credentials.


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