On Demand Webinar: Simplifying SQL Server Data Protection - Near Zero RTO too?!?!

If you’re a SQL DBA, you know that protecting and restoring your databases is critical. Plus, there are a lot of related items - ad hoc queries, test/dev queries, etc. - that the business needs but can be very time-consuming and/or expensive to handle. With the Alta Release, Rubrik is proud to announce SQL Live Mount - simply put, a very cool feature but also very powerful in day-to-day usage.

Join Andrew Miller, Technical Marketing Manager at Rubrik, Mike Fal, Database Solutions Engineer at Rubrik, and David Klee, SQL Server MVP and Founder and Chief Architect of Heraflux Technologies, as they walk through the simplicity of using Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform to protect, secure, and manage your SQL Server workloads. With demos throughout, we’ll cover:


  1. Using Rubrik to protect SQL Overview
  2. Creating + Applying SLA policies
  3. Protection best practices from Andrew and David


  1. Classic Restore Options - In Place Restore & Export
  2. SQL Live Mount - Specific Use Cases & Demo
  3. Restoration best practices from Andrew and David


  • David Klee, Heraflux Technologies
  • Mike Fal, Rubrik
  • Andrew Miller, Rubrik

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