Rubrik Andes 5.0: Technical Overview

Rubrik Andes 5.0 provides a single platform to protect and organize business-critical information for implementing governance, meeting compliance, and recovering from growing security threats. Whether it's a traditional application or a next-generation database, Andes 5.0 ensures the same simplicity, application mobility, and automation vital to your digital transformation initiatives.

Hear from former Gartner Analyst and Rubrik Product Marketing Director, Robert Rhame, and Technical Marketing Engineer, Pierre-Francois Guglielmi, as they discuss the current IT landscape and provide a technical overview of the following Rubrik Andes 5.0 features:

  • Oracle Automation and Live Mount
  • SAP HANA Integration
  • NAS Direct Archive
  • EAS, Bare Metal, and Epic on AIX
  • Microsoft Office 365

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