meet rubrik andes 5.1:

Data Governance, DR Orchestration & Continuous Data Protection Watch the webinar series now.

For the digital enterprise, protecting, managing, and securing data in a modern IT environment requires much more than backup. It requires cloud protection, instant recovery from failures, planning and testing, and catching cyber threats before they impact your bottom line. 

Watch the webinar series now to discover how Rubrik Andes 5.1 simplifies the management of backup and data protection and helps enterprises:

  • Enhance your cloud data management with SLA policy administration of AWS and Azure environments, WORM compliance, and SLA Domain support for vSphere tags. 
  • Discover, classify, and report sensitive data across your environment with zero additional infrastructure.
  • Get cloud-native protection and automated failback for applications running in AWS.
  • Minimize data loss in a failure or ransomware attack with Rubrik’s continuous stream of recovery points.

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