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3 Truths About Moving Large Workloads to the Cloud

With advancements in both infrastructure and secure data management solutions, the barriers that have previously held companies back from moving to the cloud have been eliminated. Now, there is nothing keeping organizations from moving large, business-critical workloads to the cloud so that they can fully benefit from the cost savings and scalability provided by the cloud.

But what do you need to know before moving those key workloads from your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud? Join Ed Morgan, Technical Product Manager at Rubrik, and Jeff Whitaker, Sr. Manager Cloud Solutions Marketing at NetApp, as they discuss the three truths you need to know about moving large workloads to the cloud.

They’ll cover:

  1. Solutions that facilitate data migration to the cloud

  2. How to incorporate data backup and protection into your cloud migration strategy

  3. Ways to address security and compliance concerns

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