Achieving Security at the Point of Data

In today’s landscape, data is your most valuable asset–but it’s also your most vulnerable. Despite putting thorough and rigorous defensive security measures in place, ransomware is still getting in and corrupting data, forcing organizations to pay hefty ransom fees and often causing significant revenue and productivity losses.

The reality is that thicker walls are no longer enough. Enterprises must turn their attention inward and look for ways to achieve protection from the inside out–and that starts with their data.

Watch this webinar to learn why data is the new security endpoint, and what this means for your organization's security posture. We’ll cover:

  1. What the convergence of data security and data management means for the relationship between IT Ops and SecOps teams

  2. Why threat impact analysis and sensitive data discovery are integral to the future of secure data management

  3. How Rubrik can help you accelerate ransomware recovery and mitigate sensitive data exposure

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