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GCN Editorial Webcast: Cloud Data Management: Obligations and Opportunities

The Office of Management and Budget’s 2019 memo on records management, M-19-21, requires that all agencies make a full transition to electronic record keeping by December 2022.

That transition entails far more than simply digitizing existing records. It require a solid plan of action that incorporates the reinvention of current business processes, dramatically different approaches to content classification, new systems that are digital throughout, and the security to ensure these records are both protected and accessible.

This GCN editorial webcast will explore how DHS, DOJ and other agencies are working toward fully electronic records management, how NARA is supporting these efforts, and how a cloud-based data management platform can bring benefits far beyond simply eliminating paper records. The requirements of M-19-21 apply to federal agencies only, but organizations at all levels of government can benefit from the best practices in this transformation effort.

Register today to learn more about:

  1. Cloud considerations for next-gen records management

  2. Designing for maximum data sharing

  3. Continuously securing data from attack or misuse

  4. NARA's role – key milestones and available assistance

  5. Finding new value in existing data

Speaker: Troy Schneider, Editor-in-Chief, GCN & FCW
Sponsored by Rubrik Public Sector

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