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The IT Journey: The Technologies Today that will Transform Tomorrow


With the start of the fourth quarter, budget season is here. The ActualTech Media Discovery Days event is the perfect way to make sure your organizational priorities for 2022 are as broadly inclusive as they need to be. Attend this two-day event to find out about the leading, innovative solutions that tackle the most pressing problems for IT pros and decision makers.

The Discovery Days event will introduce you to a wide range of transformational technology solutions in a comprehensive, fast-paced event that provides you with a chance to gain quick insight into the presented products. But there's a twist! Day Two affords you the unique opportunity to immediately choose which solutions you'd like to learn more about in a deep dive.

Join us October 5th at 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific!


Day 2 (October 6) - Deep Dive Day - in a 25-minute session, join a small group focused on the solution or solutions that you found the most interesting the previous day. You’ll get a demonstration, greater detail, and the opportunity to get your in-depth, specific questions addressed.

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