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For applications running on-prem and in the cloud, Rubrik delivers all aspects of data management, including backup, replication and DR, archival, and analytics. Rubrik encapsulates application data with rich services—policy, security, access control, compliance. Orchestrate instant availability for your apps across data center and cloud.

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Built for the API Economy

Control your on-prem and cloud apps with a rich suite of API services.

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Manage with One Interface

Same easy interface to manage on-prem, edge, and cloud applications.

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Freedom of Choice

Avoid lock-in. Rubrik decouples apps and data from infrastructure.

Management Simplicity

Policy-Driven Automation

Policy-Driven Automation

Automate protection policies as you scale new cloud apps. Create policies that map to business SLAs in minutes. Sit back and relax as protection policies are executed across clouds.

Rubrik Envision: Customized Analytics

Rubrik Envision: Customized Analytics

Deliver platform analytics by creating and sharing customized visual reports. Get actionable real-time insights to drive operational efficiencies, compliance, and capacity utilization.

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Instant Access with Predictive Search

With Rubrik, you can search the cloud. Down to a single file within a cloud instance.

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Trusted By the World's Leading Companies

"By using Rubrik, we’re able to reap savings on our backend management and pass those savings on to customers."

"We can now successfully and easily backup the applications underpinning our supply chain. That way, we continue to deliver the finest berries.”

“Rubrik makes us more efficient and provides extra protection – all of which helps keep us at the forefront of technology innovations.”

"Having a top-notch data management solution in place means I can go about my day-to-day job without worrying about data loss. I know I have it covered.”

"It does everything we ask for and more, especially for DR purposes. The AWS integration works really well and we can finally say goodbye to Iron Mountain."

"We have eliminated the complex backup environment at multiple sites by deploying the Rubrik Edge, resulting in a footprint reduction of as much as 25% of the server infrastructure per site."

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