Replication and Disaster Recovery

Rubrik provides asynchronous, deduplicated replication to orchestrate data across data centers and public clouds. A single policy engine delivers automated replication for both virtual and physical environments for instant recovery.

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Instantly Recover Anywhere

With one policy engine, setup both backup and replication schedules. Extend RPOs to the rest of your data centers and achieve near-zero RTOs. Replicas are fully recoverable on Rubrik - no rehydration or additional storage provisioning is necessary.

Rubrik - Replication & DR - Recover Instantly

Recover Instantly

Recover instantly from any replica without rehydrating data to another endpoint.

Rubrik - Replication & DR - Easy to manage

Easy to Manage

Define backup and replication policies on a per-VM, application, and file set basis in one policy engine.

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Save Money

Save on network costs with global deduplication that scales out to the full fabric.

Rubrik Go: Subscribe to Simplicity

Rubrik Go: Subscribe to Simplicity

With Rubrik Go, access the latest software features, keep technology refreshes on autopilot, and future proof for the cloud.

Replication that Delivers Savings & Flexibility

Deliver efficient data operations with WAN-optimized replication that does not impact production workloads. Avoid unnecessary network and storage costs with global deduplication that scales out to the full fabric. Replication can be deployed in a multi-way or bi-directional topology.

Replication that Delivers Savings & Flexibility

Policy Automation for Flexible RPOs

Define replication policies with just a slider and assign these policies to VMs, applications, and file sets. Sit back and relax with automated execution. Customize for desired RPOs and retention values to meet near-continuous data protection or long-term off-site archival needs. Automate disaster recovery workflows that integrate third party services by using a RESTful API framework.
Policy Automation for Flexible RPOs 2x

Near-Zero RTOs at All Your Sites

Mount replicas directly on Rubrik for testing or recovery without impacting ongoing replication or production workloads. Recover in the amount of time it takes your OS to boot.

Near-Zero RTOs at All Your Sites

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Replication

Deliver cloud-to-cloud replication within a multi-cloud environment. Replicate your on-prem apps and data to the cloud. Bi-directional replication also available from cloud to an on-premises Rubrik cluster. Whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud, Rubrik powers on apps for recovery, search, analytics, and test/dev.

Application Instantiation in the Cloud

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"We have confidence in restoring quickly, in the replication process, and in deduplication operating efficiently."

“We're using Rubrik to bring our replication times much closer to reality.”

"The ability to instantly live mount our backups is a significant advantage. We use Rubrik to accelerate our test/dev processes."

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