Disaster Recovery Solutions for Hybrid Cloud

Rubrik provides a breadth of disaster recovery solutions that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Asynchronous, deduplicated replication is available for organizations with a secondary DR site. If you are looking to utilize cloud for DR, Rubrik offers native DR orchestration and cloud instantiation to automate a complete DR plan on AWS.

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Introducing Automated Cloud DR Orchestration for AWS

Polaris AppFlows provides radically simple DR orchestration of failover/failback, testing, and cloud migration. It leverages CloudOn to automate conversion of snapshots into instantiated VMs on an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and to provide RTOs of minutes.

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    Single-Click Mobility

    Orchestrate failover/failback migration and automate cloud instantiation of multi-group VMs to and from the cloud with a click. Achieve RTOs of minutes.

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    Policy-Driven Simplicity

    Define blueprints that capture an application’s underlying dependencies and configurations. Deliver consistent policy protection and migrations.

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    Cloud Agility & Savings

    Gain business agility by using the cloud for DR and eliminate the cost of a secondary DR site. For applications running in the cloud, apply cloud-native protection.

How Automated Cloud DR Works
How Automated Cloud DR Works

Define a Blueprint, which contains information on the application’s VM recovery sequence and resource configurations (compute, storage, network). Blueprints provide management simplicity and orchestration at the application-level.


VM snapshots are replicated to your AWS account based on the set SLA policy and converted into ready-to-go AMIs.

Automate Failover

Failover to the cloud with a single click. Rubrik recommends cloud resources for instantiation after analyzing the application’s resource needs. Achieve near-instant RTOs with Rubrik’s VM-to-AMI conversion technology. AMIs are powered on an EC2 instance within an AWS VPC.


Protect your AWS environment with cloud-native protection (EBS snapshots) that applies the original SLA policy used on-prem.


Failback to your on-prem data center with another click. Demonstrate DR readiness with automated reporting following a recovery or test.

Blueprints for Multi-VM Management

A Blueprint records an application’s underlying dependencies and resource configurations, including the VM recovery sequence and network configuration. Blueprints can be used beyond DR to simplify data protection and management of VM groups. Once a Blueprint is created, the included VMs can be treated as a single entity.

 - Blueprints for Multi-VM Management

Near-Zero RPOs and Near-Zero RTOs

For enterprises looking to deliver near-zero RTOs, Rubrik offers backup-based replication to another on-premises Rubrik cluster with no impact to production workloads. Replication can be configured in a multi-way or bi-directional topology. VMware environments can further achieve near-zero RPOs with Rubrik’s natively integrated continuous data protection.

 - Near-Zero RPOs and Near-Zero RTOs

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