Rubrik + ServiceNow

Rubrik and ServiceNow deliver data protection, search, analytics, compliance, and test/dev on-demand to hybrid cloud enterprises using ServiceNow. Automate VM provisioning, instantly recover files, and unlock fast, actionable insights across a multi-cloud environment.

Rubrik - ServiceNow - Dashboard

Deliver Speed and Scale to Work at Lightspeed

Integrate Rubrik within the ServiceNow portal to automate critical data management workflows across your entire infrastructure. Manage thousands of VMs with one SLA policy engine. Instantly recover files or entire VMs within ServiceNow. No requests. Unlimited self-service. Infinite scale.

Rubrik - ServiceNow - Instant Recovery

Instant Recovery

Recover instantly with self-service recovery. Reduce recovery times from days to minutes.

Rubrik - ServiceNow - Manage with One Interface

Manage with One Interface

Create backup, replication, and archival polices with just a few clicks in one service portal.

Rubrik - ServiceNow - Analytics at Scale

Analytics at Scale

Centralize platform analytics across your infrastructure within ServiceNow’s reporting dashboard.

Reduce Wait Times to Zero. Automate Protection.

Assigning an SLA or recovering a file takes days to weeks with the legacy approach within ServiceNow. With Rubrik, reduce the wait time to zero to complete critical data management requests for backup, recovery, and archival.

ServiceNow legacy approach wait times (hours)
Rubrik + ServiceNow wait times (hours)

How Rubrik + ServiceNow Work Together

Integrate Rubrik with ServiceNow to deliver critical data management functions through items presented in ServiceNow’s Service Catalog. Accelerate delivery of IT services with protection policies aligned to business SLAs. With Rubrik, your applications receive rich data services – such as policy, security, search, and compliance.

Trusted by Users

“With Rubrik, we were able to integrate with ServiceNow. We took a very complex process of restoring a virtual machine with multiple teams involved, and simplified that down into a simple interface in ServiceNow. A couple clicks of a button, and the engineers themselves can restore a complete virtual machine.”

Sean Donaldson CTO

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