Reduce Sensitive Data Exposure

With intensifying data breaches and non-compliance penalties, manual data governance increases risk and consumes valuable resources. Polaris Sonar applies machine learning to automate sensitive data classification for common data types, such as personally identifiable information (PII), without impacting production.

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Top of Mind for Your Business:

Are you at risk for
a data breach?
Can you manage
data privacy at scale?
Is all your data
secure & compliant?
Where is your
sensitive data?
What is the time
and cost of audits?


Automate Data Governance

Polaris Sonar is a new SaaS application to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or ITIN, across data sources and locations.

Rubrik - Data Classification (Sonar) - Simplify with ML and <br>Policy-Driven Automation

Simplify with ML and
Policy-Driven Automation

Eliminate manual tagging or yearly cleanups. Use predefined policy templates or custom rules for automated alerts on the location of the data.

Rubrik - Data Classification (Sonar) - Reduce Sensitive Data Exposure

Reduce Sensitive Data Exposure

Identify potential policy violations or overexposed sensitive content. Prioritize remediation efforts to address high risk incidents.

Rubrik - Data Classification (Sonar) - Assist Ongoing Compliance

Assist Ongoing Compliance

Drive consistent processes, reduce the risk of fines, or help comply with access requests, such as GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten.

How We Are Different

  • No additional infrastructure
  • No install or agents
  • No impact to production
  • No learning curve
  • No operational overhead

Business Applications

How It Works

How It Works
1 Configure role-based access controls to assign permissions on data access.
2 Create a policy to identify common data types from a custom or pre-defined template. Specify what objects and types of sensitive information to search for, such as social security number, healthcare NPI, or credit card number.
3 With agentless, incremental scanning, quickly classify new and modified data for performance efficiencies and minimal impact to production.
4 Automatically receive alerts on policy violations. Drill-down to a folder or file for granular insights. Whitelist locations where sensitive information is allowed to minimize false alerts.
5 Audit with an easy-to-use dashboard and reporting.

Global Enterprises Rely on Rubrik Polaris Sonar

"Sonar assists with PCI-DSS compliance efforts without risking fines, dedicating multiple resources and freeing up our employees for outcome-based value-add work."

"Data classification tasks that would have previously required expensive third-party auditors and multiple full-time engineers can now be completely automated. We drove over 90% operational savings by eliminating manual scripting and spreadsheet management, reducing time spent to complete hundreds of search queries from two weeks to just one hour,"


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