At Rubrik, we’re obsessed with innovation. We thrive on solving the biggest data management challenges in an unconventional and radically simple manner. Today, we’re continuing this mission by launching Rubrik Polaris, the industry’s first SaaS platform for a new class of data management applications.

As we spoke with many customers across industries, it became clear that everyone was struggling with the same massive challenge – the fragmentation of data and applications across data center and cloud. As they implement cloud-first and multi-cloud approaches, their applications and data are increasingly decentralized across disparate locations. Coupled with explosive data growth, retaining control of all their data is nearly impossible. They need an organizing principle that centralizes data access, governance, analysis, and intelligence across data centers and clouds.

We created Rubrik Polaris to address this challenge through a SaaS platform that allows customers to organize, orchestrate, and secure applications and data across their entire environment. Rubrik Polaris delivers a unified system of record that organizes all their business applications and data. Simplicity is in our DNA, so the platform includes native search, security, and workflow orchestration — all on a global content catalogue — to make data easily discoverable and usable.

Staying true to the core tenets of our Cloud Data Management platform, all native components of Rubrik Polaris are exposed through an open API. It provides a single API endpoint that can be used across infrastructure locations, data center and cloud, to quickly build custom applications and services at unlimited scale. We’ll leverage these APIs to deliver data management applications that tackle the challenges of risk mitigation, compliance, and governance within the enterprise.

Why did we build an entirely new platform from scratch? Rubrik Polaris was a natural evolution for Rubrik. Since day 1, our approach to data protection has involved being deeply integrated with each application, managing all data under one platform. Thus, we not only capture the data, but also all that relevant metadata that describes it. Rubrik Polaris exploits our understanding of these applications and their data to deliver intelligent data services, such as deep search of unstructured data, on top of the platform.

The first application debuting on the platform is Rubrik Polaris GPS, which delivers centralized management across global, distributed Rubrik environments. Many of our customers have multiple Rubrik deployments across their data centers and cloud platforms. Rubrik Polaris GPS addresses one of the biggest asks from these customers– global policy, monitoring and management. It delivers an interactive global dashboard to track all physical, virtual, and cloud applications and data in an elegantly simple and visually rich manner. For instance, users now have access to a global system activities log in one place to quickly identify and isolate incidents with easy-to-use filters. They can also dive into a single installation for deeper analysis. Beyond visibility, enterprises want to interact with their business data and customize in real-time. Rubrik Polaris GPS delivers instant analytics across an entire environment while taking our trademark consumer-grade simplicity to a new level.  

The Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform is the next big leap in Rubrik’s evolution as a Cloud Data Management company. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Want to learn more? Hear insights from our CEO Bipul Sinha and Chief Technologist Chris Wahl on why enterprises need a unified system of record to weather digital transformation and cloud in the video below. Read more on Rubrik Polaris GPS here.

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