A Modern Approach to Backup and Recovery

Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery across hybrid cloud environments. Eliminate legacy complexity by consolidating disparate hardware and software components into a single software. Designed to be vendor-agnostic, Rubrik delivers broad support across traditional, modern, and next-gen applications.

Rubrik - Backup & Recovery - Dashboard

Automate Protection. Recover Faster.

Lengthy backup setup times, broken job scheduling, and uncertain recoveries become the relics of the past with Rubrik’s “set it and forget it” approach.

Rubrik - Backup & Recovery - Instant Recovery

Instant Recovery

Deliver near-zero RTOs by mounting directly onto Rubrik. No rehydration required. Instantly provision clones for test/dev, too.

Rubrik - Backup & Recovery - No Learning Curve

No Learning Curve

Drive 80-90% management time savings with a single, easy-to-use solution across on-prem to cloud. Deploy in less than a hour. Manage via policies.

Rubrik - Backup & Recovery - Lower TCO

Lower TCO

Eliminate legacy multi-point solutions with a single platform. Shrink your data center footprint and achieve 30-50% in hard savings.


Near-zero RPOs with Continuous Data Protection

Minimize data loss with natively integrated continuous data protection for VMware environments. Achieve data resiliency by recovering VMs to any point in time or reverting to the latest clean copy if ransomware or corruption occurs.

Rubrik - Backup & Recovery - Dashboard

Management Simplicity

Trusted By the World’s Leading Companies

"With Rubrik our backup administration time went from four hours per week to 20 minutes, resulting in 62% TCO savings and 90% management time savings."

“Our backups are our life insurance. If they’re not working flawlessly, our business can’t operate, period. Rubrik was an easy decision.”

"America's largest media company gains 25 days of additional productivity and seamless data management across data centers and AWS with Rubrik."

“Before we brought the environments together, we were utilizing four or five separate backup solutions. With Rubrik, our backups take less than an hour and our restores are near-instant.”

“Rubrik makes us more efficient and provides extra protection – all of which helps keep us at the forefront of technology innovations.”

“There are extensive data retention requirements due to the nature of our industry, and Rubrik was attuned to our need for a robust, future-forward solution that reduced data management complexity”


Backup For a Better Tomorrow.

Don't Backup. Go Forward.

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