This year, we’re thrilled to launch Camp Rubrik, a hands-on event that goes under the hood of our platform. We’re bringing these labs to cities across N. America and Europe (for now) to offer a fresh approach to learning about Rubrik’s founding principles and underlying technology.


Here’s a glimpse of what attendees can expect when they arrive to camp:

Hands-On Experience

Camp Rubrik allows customers and prospects to immerse themselves into our product through interactive labs. By accessing a mobile tactical suite or a remotely hosted infrastructure, participants go through the steps of creating and assigning SLA domains, leveraging Live Mount for a VM and SQL databases, and many other core use cases. The labs consist of eight sections with multiple subtasks. Once a section is completed, attendees earn an exclusive badge that may be worn proudly on their custom Camp Rubrik rucksacks!


Thought Leadership

Camp Rubrik isn’t just about exploring our product. We aim to create an event that explores the current and future IT landscape as enterprises onboard to the cloud.

Prior to diving into our product, attendees will engage in a fireside chat with some of the best and brightest from Rubrik. We also bring in a customer for a live Q&A so they can get answers to their top questions from a firsthand user.



Finally, we designed Camp Rubrik to be a massive opportunity to network and meet local IT professionals. That’s why we wrap up each event with a casual happy hour where attendees can get to know each other over delicious food and drinks.

We’re honored and excited that Camp Rubrik has generated so much enthusiasm since launching. To learn more, check out our current tour schedule.