Rubrik has employed a 100% channel-driven go-to-market strategy since day one and this has played a key role in our success to date. Last year we formalized this approach with the launch of the Rubrik Velocity Partner Program, our first global program for resellers. The program has been extremely well received by our partners and we are continuing to offer more ways for partners to grow their Rubrik business — today, I’m excited to launch the Rubrik Authorized Support Partner (RASP) Specialization. 

This exclusive specialization extends Rubrik’s world-class support through a small group of hand-picked partners with a proven track record in delivering level 1 and level 2 technical support. Our RASP partners will receive the same rigorous training as Rubrik’s own level 3 support engineers and are empowered to act as the first point of call for joint customers. The RASP network is an extension of our own team, and we stand by to assist our customers if advanced troubleshooting is required. 

The RASP Specialization allows for a select, high-performing group of partners to further differentiate themselves and grow their Rubrik business. Customers will experience new benefits as well, with increased choice for the type of support and services they prefer, and the ability to receive support in their local language. Additionally, RASP enables partners to act as a one-stop-shop for support across multiple IT vendors, offering customers a single point of contact for fast issue resolution. 

At Rubrik, we take pride in our support offering and look forward to incorporating our partners into this approach. Rubrik’s global support team employs a follow the sun model and is available 24-7-365 at any time in a follow-the-sun model. 100% of Rubrik’s support team is certified by CEMPRO. In addition to industry-leading NPS and CSAT scores, Rubrik has received the NorthFace Scoreboard Award three years in a row, which recognizes exceptional customer experience capabilities.

The Rubrik Authorized Support Partner Specialization will roll out globally over the coming months.

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