FORWARD Digital Summit, a fully-virtual experience on May 11, features a number of technical sessions from the cloud era’s boldest thinkers and technologists. As forward-thinking enterprises have moved to the cloud over the years, we find customers at various points in their journey –  from those balancing hundreds of workloads in complex, multi-cloud environments to those who are just now laying the groundwork for cloud mobility. No matter where you are in your multi-cloud journey, the FORWARD Digital Summit has a session for you:

You: Curious about the first steps your organization can take to mobilize to the cloud
The session: Workload Mobility from Zero to Any Cloud
Customers can be overwhelmed with the complexity of workload mobility and migration – understanding networking requirements, workload dependencies, choosing hybrid or multi-cloud destinations, and deciding if applications should be refactored can often stall or drag out strategic cloud projects. In this session, Emad Younis, Staff Cloud Architect at VMware, will dive into how to create your workload mobility passport, key considerations when migrating workloads, and leveraging tooling.

You: Trying to unify management across a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.
The session: How to Use Rubrik to Protect All of Your Cloud Workloads [Register here]
Enterprise IT in 2020 is cloud-driven, harnessing the elasticity of the cloud by embracing multiple services from multiple cloud providers. Once you’ve established a cloud presence, however, data sprawl across on-premises systems and cloud vendors threatens IT’s ability to protect, manage and secure their data assets, puting potential cloud gains at risk. Learn how to backup, archive and recover your data across AWS, Azure, and GCP with Rubrik’s cloud-native protection. Join Srikanth Hanumanula, Senior Product Manager at Rubrik, as he discusses and demos how many of our customers choose our SaaS solution for its simplicity, speed and scale to protect their cloud data and databases with confidence. 

You: Unsure of how to best leverage Rubrik at each step of your cloud adoption
The session: Simplify Your Journey to the Cloud with Rubrik
As your company looks to take advantage of all of the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure and services, the discussion can quickly turn to cloud data management. Join Vasu Murthy, VP of Products, and Harshad Parekh, Engineer, as they explore how Rubik’s hybrid cloud data management reduces cost for offsite backup, recovers faster from disasters, and seamlessly migrates applications to the cloud. You’ll walk out with a better understanding of Rubrik’s smart tiering, cloud consolidation, native-protection, and the various design and architecture principles for your cloud archival strategy.

You: Looking to gain control of your costs in the cloud
The session: Strategies to Minimize and Manage Your Cloud Bill
The cloud promises to deliver operational efficiency and cost savings that will fuel an organization’s digital transformation. However, minimizing, managing, and predicting cloud costs to deliver on this promise can be challenging. Financial success in the cloud requires a combination of systems, best practices, and culture. Join this session as Keith Jarret, Global Lead at Cloud Financial Management with AWS, and Sveta Shandilya, Head of IT Planning and Business Operations at Rubrik, introduce cloud financial management best practices and highlight the lessons Rubrik has learned while pursuing cost visibility, cost optimization, and a cost-conscious culture.

You: Concerned about ensuring data resiliency in the public cloud when faced with external threats like ransomware
The session: Using Rubrik and Microsoft Azure to Drive the Ransomware Jerks CRAZY! 
Rubrik’s CloudOut and CloudOn offer a tremendous way to create a copy of your backups in the secure and scalable worldwide Microsoft Azure data centers and quickly recover them in Azure to save you the cost and complexity of maintaining a traditional disaster recovery site. But, did you know that with just a few clicks you can make your Azure-based environment even safer and more secure? In this session, Karl Rautenstrauch, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Azure, and Andy Powell, Head of Infrastructure at Canterbury Christ Church University, will cover the fundamentals and best practices for using Azure with Rubrik cost effectively and securely.

You: An IT admin looking to avoid roadblocks while mapping out an approach to adopting Kubernetes
The session: What I’ve Learned Deploying Kubernetes in Large Enterprises
Kubernetes is going mainstream, starting to make an appearance in most large enterprises. While it may not be a part of your organization today, you’re likely to see it in the future. In this session, Tim Carr, Cloud Native Field Engineer at VMware, will walk you through the lessons he has learned from deploying Kubernetes across a number of enterprises over the last two years. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what a typical enterprise Kubernetes deployment includes, the common pitfalls for running multiple Kubernetes clusters, and what changes when you deploy clusters in different environments. 

Looking for guidance on leveraging Rubrik to protect your cloud-native workloads and Office 365 data? Or to build a management strategy for your complex multi-cloud environment? You’re in luck – check out the rest of our cloud sessions at the FORWARD Digital Summit session builder.