With the rapid growth of ransomware attacks, enterprises all share the same concern: “If we get hit by ransomware, can we recover?” The reality is, when traditional security products fail and data is compromised, the stakes are high, and IT and Security teams are often left on their own. So we asked ourselves, can we give them the ultimate assurance that Rubrik will be there for them? In an industry-first, Rubrik, The Zero Trust Data Security™ company, announces a Ransomware Recovery Warranty of up to $5M* for Rubrik Enterprise Edition. 

Why would we do this? Rubrik has more than 3,700 customers, and we obsess about helping them recover their data from cyber attacks and operational failures. For us, it’s a natural extension to be able to offer them this kind of assurance. This offer will be available for customers running Rubrik Enterprise Edition and working with a Rubrik Customer Experience Manager (CEM) to ensure security best practices are in place. By partnering together, we will reach the highest standards of data security excellence.

With Rubrik Enterprise Edition, your organization can take advantage of Zero Trust data protection, Ransomware Investigation, Sensitive Data Discovery, Incident Containment, and Orchestrated Application Recovery on a single SaaS platform.

With Rubrik HealthChecks delivered by your CEM, you can ensure the highest levels of data protection with our security best practices. Our regular security health checks focus on: Data Health, User Access Controls, Data Encryption, Application Access, and API Security, to improve your data security posture.

As a result of today’s announcement, our customers can rest assured knowing their data will be available to keep mission-critical applications running. They understand as well as we do, that when you secure your data, you secure your business.

Learn more about this offer at rubrik.com/warranty and get started today!

* The warranty will cover expenses related to data recovery and restoration in the event that Rubrik is unable to recover protected data in the event of a ransomware attack. Please refer to the warranty agreement for additional terms.