Bhavana K is a Staff Engineer on our Mosaic team, which is responsible for the backup and recovery of NoSQL databases (i.e. Cassandra and MongoDB). She was the first hire for this team in our Bangalore office and has been crucial in helping it grow exponentially. Let’s learn more about how she got to Rubrik and her journey since joining.

From software app development to advertising to e-commerce to streaming entertainment services, your previous companies have all been in different industries. How does Rubrik stand out from these other companies?

I have had the chance to work in various domains of the industry, each company at different stages of their journeys. Rubrik has provided me with a number of opportunities to learn and grow as a software professional. From being the first hire for the team in India to a 10+ member team, I had the freedom to play different roles in the team. The amount of responsibility and visibility which I have in the company is more than I can ask for. That’s the great part of being at Rubrik at this stage of its journey, there is still such an opportunity to build, with unlimited growth opportunities.  

Speaking from my personal experience, Rubrik strives for employee satisfaction beyond the boundaries of work too. I feel fortunate to be part of such a company that prioritizes the wellbeing of the team and gives us the time and resources needed to have a healthy and full life outside of work as well.

What is the most interesting project or fulfilling thing you’ve worked on at Rubrik?

My journey with Rubrik has been one of the best learning experiences. There are so many interesting projects I have worked on, but for me, working with big customers and solving their issues has been the most fulfilling. Our mission is inspiring, we really make an impact for our customers. Data security has never been more critical for businesses. I have dealt with a lot of customer support activities being part of this team which provides a different perspective of the product and helped me visualize / pave the product roadmap. This experience definitely has added value to my career and experience. 

Your team has grown exponentially since you joined Rubrik 2.5 years ago. Now that you’re a Staff Software Engineer, what is your philosophy on mentoring new members who join your team?

As my team grew, I had the opportunity to work with some of the best software engineers. I believe everyone has a unique skill set to offer the team and as a senior engineer on the team, it's my job to help nurture and develop that skill set. and as a senior engineer, my job is to help them grow. Connecting on a regular basis and understanding their work styles allows me the opportunity to find projects that they can own and that will help them shine. Keeping the team invested and motivated is very important for the morale of the individual as well as the team.

Which RIVET Value do you identify with the most?

As a developer, I like to thrive on Velocity. 

But I strongly believe everyone should strive for Integrity. This is a trait that has made me a better version of myself and continues to do so. Acting with integrity and honesty is an advantage in the workplace as it builds trust with your team, encourages higher productivity, and promotes an overall positive work environment.

Rapid Fire Questions

First job?
Bitmagic (mobile application development startup)

Favorite hobby?
Binge watching

Hidden talent?

Favorite movie?
Gone Girl

Last vacation?

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