Rubrik recently held our 7th Annual Hackathon. The Hackathon can be summed up in one word: innovation. This year produced by far the most diverse and innovative set of projects we’ve seen.

Folks from all across Rubrik–engineering teammates, field CTOs, and even founders–have told me the Hackathon is one of their favorite days of the year. After multiple years of being fully remote, we were finally able to host in-person activities once again. It was great to see the innovation engine fired up with teams camped out in conference rooms and buzzing around whiteboards, both at our headquarters in Palo Alto and our rapidly growing Research & Development center in Bangalore. The Hackathon team did a great job organizing engaging activities and games to help keep the energy up for the duration of the 24-hour event.

As Rubrik has evolved from a data management company to a data security company, so, too, did many of the project ideas. Many of the hacks fell into three pillars of Rubrik’s data security strategy: resilience, observability, and remediation. We protected new data sources, provided new insights into data, and delivered new ways of recovering from attacks. One theme that stuck out to me was innovation around integrating our applications with third-party services or open source infrastructure: Crowdstrike, Slackbots, AirByte, and Microsoft Active Directory to name a few. 

This year we had four categories awarded:

  • Developer Productivity - Help our engineers deliver products faster

  • Product Impact - New products, or enhancements to existing products, which can be delivered quickly

  • Moonshot - Proving no innovative concept or effort is inconceivable 

  • Best in Show - Overall best project

The winners were as follows…

Developer Productivity - Epsilon

The team developed a framework for application teams to deploy arbitrary processing within Rubrik Security Cloud. Similar to AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions, but built with our data security cloud in mind. Congratulations to our winners in Developer Productivity!


Product Impact - Ready, Set, Beta

The team reimagined how we conduct beta programs with self-service opt-in, an easy-to-use feedback mechanism, and facilities for product managers to consume analytics and iterate. Congratulations to our Product Impact winners!


Moonshot - Bazaar

The team came up with the concept of a marketplace where Rubrik customers can purchase applications a la carte.



Best in Show - Rubrik Cloud Lake

The winners of our Best In Show developed an infrastructure to bring Rubrik Data Observability to a new swath of data sources, arming our customers with another “spear” with which to secure their data. Congratulations on winning Best in Class for our 2022 hackathon!


Reflecting on the 2022 Rubrik Hackathon

In summary, Hackathon 2022 was our biggest and most innovative yet! As has been the case with hackathons in the past, many of the project ideas are being funded to be built into production versions that will delight our customers. So stay tuned to see the ingenuity of our engineering team on display as the innovations they’ve produced come to light!

Interested in driving innovation in Rubrik Security Cloud and pioneering Zero Trust Data Security? Check out the open opportunities to join the Rubrik rocket ship!