At Rubrik, we’re building a culture of ownership, guided by our RIVET values (Relentless, Integrity, Velocity, Excellence, Transparency) where everyone is empowered to do the best work of their career. Baked into our cultural values is the idea that if you find something broken, you take responsibility and fix it. That’s exactly what Ajay Sabhlok, Rubrik’s Chief Information Officer, did once he noticed a skill gap when looking to diversify his candidate pipeline. The result? The Rubrik SpringBoard Program, a 6-month IT apprenticeship program. 

Let’s hear from Ajay about what it took to get the SpringBoard Program from a concept to reality, and the impact it’s making. And maybe you’ll be the next example of someone who noticed a need and took action to find a solution.

Q: What inspired you to start this program? 

A: One key problem I encountered when trying to look for diverse talent in the marketplace was the challenge to find skilled candidates with historically underrepresented backgrounds. So I partnered with the ambassadors from Rubrik Beyond Work – our employee-led community service group –  to launch the Rubrik SpingBoard Program. The goal of this initiative is to help train candidates with a basic understanding of technology and fundamental IT skills, such as Salesforce, provide hands-on learning opportunities, and then help them break into IT jobs. 

Q: How did you get the program off the ground, and what about Rubirk’s culture and values enabled you to be successful?

A: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, or DEI is greatly valued at Rubrik. We encourage managers at all levels to hire diverse talent. It adds innovation, creativity, and stronger ideas to our teams. It also boosts our bottom line. In addition, this program wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing group of Rubrik team members across IT and HR who dedicated their time and expertise to be a bridge for others –  leading to a diverse class of qualified professionals positioned to begin their careers in IT. We also partnered with outside agencies, such as the Divergence Academy and YearUp to identify candidates for our pilot, resulting in eight apprentices going through the program. 

Q: What’s been the outcome of the program? What have you learned? 

A: After six months of training, some of these candidates were able to achieve platform certification and others landed IT jobs. With this success, I’m encouraged to continue the SpingBoard Program. 

Q: Now let’s hear from the eight IT apprentices who took part in the program. What’s been your experience going through the program?



Q: What do you hope readers take away from your experience? 

A: I request and encourage other IT leaders to consider starting a similar program in your own company. I also welcome you to join the SpringBoard Federation where we will exchange program ideas and experiences with one another and feed it back into improving the program. It’s up to all of us to help invest in and create opportunities for our next generation of technology leaders. Companies have a responsibility to take an active role in closing the skills gap for women and historically underrepresented groups in tech – leverage the knowledge base of your employees, the resources available in your companies, and dedicate time to developing underrepresented talent to ensure a diverse future for our industry.

If you’re someone looking to break into the industry, it’s never too late. Seek out programs and opportunities to build your skills. Invest time in your professional development through bootcamps, apprenticeships, webinars, and mentorship relationships. The industry needs your diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences to solve the challenges ahead of us. 

Together, we can help alleviate the DEI hiring challenges that exist in the marketplace.



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