Protecting and managing Google Cloud environments just got easier. 

Rubrik Cloud Native Protection is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Since 2019, Rubrik has been a trusted Google Cloud partner helping organizations enable data protection, automation, granular search, and world-class Zero Trust data security in the cloud. Rubrik helps organizations become cyber resilient through data immutability, logical air gapping, end-to-end encryption, and granular role-based access control. With these capabilities, which users can deploy from Google Cloud Marketplace with a few clicks, organizations can keep their operations up and running with peace of mind, even in the event of a ransomware attack. 

“Securing cloud environments from cyber threats is a top-of-mind business priority for organizations across industries today,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. “With Rubrik’s solution now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to quickly deploy the technologies needed to protect their cloud environment against cyber threats and securely manage their data.” 

“We are excited to further expand our partnership with Google Cloud ,” says Ghazal Asif, VP, Global Channels & Alliances at Rubrik. “Now with the availability of Rubrik on Google Cloud Marketplace, Google Cloud users can more seamlessly integrate cyber resilience capabilities within their organizations.” 

In addition to Google Cloud users having access to Rubrik Cloud Native Protection, new and existing Rubrik customers can also take advantage of Google Cloud Marketplace capabilities: 

Unified protection of hybrid cloud environments

Cloud environments are getting more complex, but that doesn’t mean cloud protection needs to. With Rubrik Cloud Native Protection, organizations can manage Google Cloud environments and on-premises workloads from a single user interface. Users can shift from silos to a unified view and reduce the need to constantly switch from one service or tool to another. 

Automated backups, simplified recovery, near-zero RTO

Cloud professionals can spend more time on strategic projects and less time scripting and job scheduling by using Rubrik’s global SLA engine. It allows cloud teams to apply protection policies for entire projects, instances, or drives and automatically protect newly deployed assets using Google Cloud labels. If a business ever needs to recover enterprise data, all it takes is a few clicks. Learn more. 

Cyber resilience achieved while using Google Cloud Consumption Commitment

By purchasing Rubrik Cloud Native Protection through Google Cloud Marketplace, organizations can decrement 100% of the license value against their Google Cloud spend commitments. It’s a win-win that helps our customers spend smartly. 

Easier billing and workflows

Google Cloud customers can enjoy Rubrik’s cyber resilience solution within the Google Cloud console using a single sign-on (SSO) model, providing both efficiency and consolidated billing. Because teams have enough applications and portals to check as it is. 

This is just the beginning for Rubrik and Google Cloud

Moving forward, Rubrik and Google Cloud are working together on bringing additional solutions to Google Cloud Marketplace to simplify cloud security and data protection for our customers. 

Get started with Rubrik today. Check out Rubrik Cloud Native Protection in Google Cloud Marketplace or book an appointment to speak with a Rubrik sales team member for a custom solution.