Rubrik is a trusted partner in providing data protection, automation, data archival, cloud analytics, granular search, and world-class security for enterprises built on Google Cloud.


Fast Track to Google Cloud with Rubrik

Rubrik provides a single software to protect and manage your data from on-prem to Google Cloud.


Simplified and automated data lifecycle management with policy-based protection


Rapid recovery with predictive search and instant access, from on-premises to Google Cloud


Centralized management of thousands of projects across multiple regions and organizations


Native protection of your SaaS applications and virtual workloads running in Google Cloud

Use Cases

How Enterprises Use Rubrik and Google Cloud

Native Backup & Recovery

Modernize backup and recovery of virtual applications and workloads with native snapshots and API-based data protection on Google Cloud

Cost-Effective Data Archival

Send your application data to Nearline or Coldline storage for long-term retention. Ensure instant accessibility of archived data with Rubrik’s real time predictive search.


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