We’re excited to announce Rubrik as one of the first enterprise backup providers in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview, enabling enterprises to accelerate cyber response times by determining the scope of attacks more efficiently and automating recoveries.

Ransomware attacks typically result in an average downtime of 24 days. Imagine your business operations completely stalled for this duration. Systems and data are inaccessible, stalling sales, manufacturing, and customer services. This leads to significant financial losses, often running into thousands of dollars per hour, not to mention potential regulatory fines, erosion of customer trust, and reputational harm. 

These attacks highlight more than the need for strong cyber defenses; they underscore an essential requirement for cyber resilience – the ability to recover rapidly and securely from attacks that are becoming increasingly inevitable. However, effectively responding and recovering quickly and safely remains incredibly challenging. It demands automated systems, thorough visibility into data and systems, complex analysis and forensics, playbooks for specific attack types, and skilled personnel to manage and mitigate these incidents efficiently.

Through our integration with Microsoft Sentinel, security teams can access Rubrik’s unique time-series data insights and initiate recovery directly from Microsoft Sentinel, which allows enterprises to gain increased visibility into their attack surface and minimize business disruption.

And now with the power of generative AI, even more is possible. Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI assistant for security teams that builds on the latest in large language models and harnesses Microsoft’s security expertise and global threat intelligence to help security teams outpace their adversaries.

This collaboration with Microsoft involves shaping Security Copilot's development through various initiatives, such as testing and refining future scenarios, offering insightful feedback for product improvement, and aiding in the enhancement of APIs to extend Security Copilot's capabilities.

By arming Microsoft Security Copilot with Rubrik intelligence, the future integration will be designed to empower security and IT teams to:

  • Streamline Incident Creation to help incident response teams prioritize alerts by automatically creating an incident in Sentinel based on anomalous activity within Rubrik Security Cloud.

  • Automate Recommended Task Workstreams by suggesting incident response tasks that will enable IT and security teams to investigate incidents more rapidly while preserving evidence for forensics purposes.

  • Accelerate Cyber Recovery by dynamically generating code for investigating incidents in Microsoft Sentinel, allowing IT and security teams to react swiftly to maintain business resiliency.

We’re thrilled to announce this collaboration with Microsoft and continue to build upon our long-standing partnership. This is an important step forward for cybersecurity as we continue to bring the power of generative AI to our mission of securing the world’s data and helping businesses achieve cyber resilience. 

To learn more about how generative AI and how it is impacting cybersecurity, check out this discussion between Rubrik’s Chief Product Officer Anneka Gupta and Microsoft’s Corporate VP Modern Protection & SOC Rob Lefferts at our Data Security Summit: AI in Security: Hype or Opportunity.

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