Rishabh Tiwari joined Rubrik nearly 2 years ago and is part of the Legion team, the Rubrik Security Cloud Platform team based out of our Bangalore office. Legion works on databases, account lifecycle management, Rubrik Cloud Vault, and Support impersonation tracks. Rishabh has contributed to several key projects and serves as a role model to his fellow engineers. Let’s learn more about how he got to Rubrik and his journey since joining.

Why did you join Rubrik? 

I wasn’t actively looking out for a change and then one day a recruiter reached out to me. I went over the company's profile and also talked with my colleagues to learn more about the company. During the interview process, I talked to the hiring manager to find out full knowledge about which product/technology I will be working on. After getting all of my questions answered, I was really interested in joining Rubrik. A few things that really made Rubrik stand out to me: getting a chance to work on cutting-edge technology that is making a huge impact on our customers, getting exposure in security/cloud-related technology, getting to work with great peers and, obviously, the great culture of Rubrik.

Since being at Rubrik, you’ve taken on greater responsibilities for one of your projects and provided mentorship to an intern. How has your manager helped support your career with these opportunities?

As a mentor, It's always important for me to establish clear goals and expectations and develop a plan for how I can help interns to achieve their goals. It's also important to be patient and supportive throughout the mentorship process. This means taking the time to listen to the intern's concerns and questions, providing constructive feedback on their work, and encouraging them to take risks and learn from their mistakes. Finally, effective mentors should be approachable and accessible, and make themselves available to the intern when they need support or guidance. 

During the intern's mentorship program, I see Rubrik cares and values a lot of its interns. From day one Rubrik allows interns to work on cutting-edge technology and working on challenging projects which have a significant impact. As a mentor, I generally push interns to take and handle more responsibility for their projects to develop and grow in their career. 

I would say my manager is the one who provided all these opportunities for me and I executed them properly. My manager always provides clear expectations and goals for the project. This helps me to understand what the expectation is and what success looks like, and how it ties back to our larger company purpose. During the execution of the project, if I was stuck somewhere my manager provides proper guidance. She also provides feedback throughout the process, highlighting areas where I am excelling and areas where I need to improve. She always tries to maintain a culture within the team that no one is overloaded within the team and because of that I can completely focus on delivering my project.

What sets Rubrik’s culture apart from other companies?

At Rubrik, I have the pleasure of working and interacting with some of the best in the industry. For me, every day is a new learning experience. At Rubrik, people are very supportive and always ready to help. Finding the root cause of problems instead of punting issues is a great cultural value at Rubrik. In Rubik, people respect RIVET principles and try to follow those principles. I have always seen people want to do what is best for the organization.

Which RIVET Value do you identify with the most?

Transparency is the one I value most. I strongly believe that a person sharing proper context and timelines of their work within a team always helps the whole team and improves overall productivity. Senior leader can utilize these team members properly and trust their commitments.

Rapid Fire Questions

First job?
Directi (Media.net)

Favorite hobby?

Bucket list item?
US, North India, North-East India

Favorite movie?

Last vacation?
Chittorgarh, India!

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