Assured Data Protection is the first global Rubrik-centric partner with management teams and data center presence in the UK and the US. I sat down with Rob Mackle, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Assured DP, to discuss how they deliver Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform to the market.

Tell us Assured DP’s story, and why you decided to build a business around Rubrik.

We are data protection veterans with over 75 years of collective industry experience. After being introduced to Rubrik through our value-added distribution partner BigTec, we decided to build a business with Rubrik as our core technology provider and to take its innovative Cloud Data Management solution to market. We live and breathe one product providing us with a competitive advantage compared to selling several services. A strong partnership with Rubrik allows us to deliver a customized approach and Rubrik-as-a-Service to enable our worldwide customers to realize all the benefits Rubrik has to offer.

What drove the initial interest in Rubrik?

Rubrik is the future of data protection. We love its fresh approach to data management: something we haven’t seen in our collective 75 years of industry experience. Whilst legacy vendors bolt new features onto outdated technology, Rubrik starts with a clean slate and builds a product to answer the needs of enterprises today and in the future. What really attracted us to Rubrik is that they are future-proof by being centred around virtualized environments and embracing public cloud.

What unique benefits does Rubrik provide?

Rubrik eliminates complex data management by providing backup, disaster recovery and archival seamlessly through one globally architected platform. The speed of backup and instant recovery is incredible, ensuring recovery point and recovery times are met. Additionally, the Google-like search offers a functionality that no one else has. For enterprises, Rubrik reduces costs, increases functionality, and simplifies management.

What pain points does Rubrik solve for your customers?

The world is moving towards fully virtualized environments, and Rubrik is the leader in data protection for virtual infrastructure. For large VM environments, we typically see a bottleneck where legacy solutions cannot scale. Rubrik solves this problem. Furthermore, its Cloud Data Management platform leverages the strengths of public or private cloud for archive, reducing the cost of data protection without losing functionality. Lastly, it’s API-first architecture enables customers to build end-to-end automated workflows.

How are you planning to leverage Rubrik? 

Everything that Rubrik offers, we deliver to our customers. With a presence in the UK and the US, we provide Rubrik managed solutions globally for small and large enterprises alike. We offer a full suite of managed services including private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud data protection.

How do you plan to enhance the Rubrik offering?

We have built an advanced monitoring portal to compliment the Rubrik UI and bring Rubrik’s strengths to market. Customers want simplicity and full visibility of their backups to ensure their data is protected and compliant. The portal allows enterprises and service providers to deliver high quality service more efficiently, freeing up staff resource for more productive business value activities. Commercially, we will make the pricing model attractive allowing the customer to pay a monthly fee based on how much data they want to protect with Rubrik.

What excites you about the future with Rubrik?

Rubrik is the future of data protection. Rubrik’s speed and quality of development is excellent, bringing many industry changing features to the market. What excites us the most about Rubrik is the scalability from both an enterprise and managed service provider model. We intend to have an extremely large Rubrik estate.