Pascal Moulin, CTO of FranceTV Publicité, discusses the challenges of a legacy approach, why they chose Rubrik, and moving towards a hybrid cloud strategy with Rubrik.

Tell me about FranceTV Publicité and your overall IT strategy.
FranceTV Publicité is France Télévisions’s advertising network, accounting for 27.6% of PdA TV in France. France Télévisions is one of the world’s largest media brands with an average of 32.5 million viewers a day and a digital audience of 26.5 million of monthly unique visitors. We manage the advertising space of nearly 30 television channels.

As the CTO, I am responsible for the IT and broadcasting infrastructure. Our IT infrastructure is critical to France Télévisions’s advertising and broadcasting operations. To ensure our systems run smoothly, we need a data management solution that is fast and reliable. Rubrik delivers that speed and modernizes our IT infrastructure.

What challenges were you experiencing with your legacy solution?
We had a traditional legacy backup solution consisting of multiple components such as software, hardware, and tape. It was very complex to manage, and restores were difficult and time consuming. It was also not secure since our data was not encrypted.

Overall, one of our key objectives was to refresh all our infrastructure. We wanted to establish a hybrid cloud strategy to provide a fast, on-demand infrastructure. Rubrik helps us achieve that objective since it was built for the cloud.

Why Rubrik?
Rubrik was the best solution when we asked the market. It was extremely simple. Also, we can instantly access and recover all our data. When we compared it to six alternative vendors, it was clearly the best solution. Another reason we chose Rubrik was because it ensures a high level of security and confidentiality of all our data. Rubrik encrypts all data, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Lastly, it was built for cloud and allows us to implement a hybrid cloud strategy.

How are you using Rubrik?
We use Rubrik for backup, recovery, data archival, and development. Rubrik delivers policy-based data protection and is very easy to use. Also, we are seeing higher performance on our backups. With our previous solution, we could only backup some of our systems once a week. With Rubrik, we can set an SLA to backup every four hours. Additionally, the live mount feature is amazing. We can quickly bring up a VM with instant mount to check our data or for development. Another key use case for our team is cloud archival. Before, we were unable to integrate with cloud with our legacy solution. However, with Rubrik, this was not issue. It integrated seamlessly with public cloud.

What results have you seen with Rubrik?

  • Significantly reduced recovery times: Before Rubrik, restoring VMs or files was extremely complex and lengthy. Rubrik greatly reduced the time to recover. This is especially a huge differentiator for our physical servers.
  • 50% TCO savings: When we compared Rubrik to our previous solution, we saw 50% reduction in TCO because of its converged architecture, cloud capabilities, and management time savings.
  • Dramatic management time savings: We have a small team, so we needed a solution that was easy to use. Rubrik eliminated management complexity and frees up our time.

How do you plan to use Rubrik in the future?
We bought Rubrik since it is building extensive solutions in the cloud. We are looking to deploy Rubrik software in the cloud to protect cloud-native applications and to quickly spin up applications in the cloud for disaster recovery.

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