HM Hospitales is a private hospital group that provides comprehensive healthcare services in addition to medical research, continuous education, and technological innovation. Directed by doctors, HM Hospitales has more than 4,000 employees throughout its 14 hospitals, 3 centres specializing in Oncology, Cardiology and Neuroscience, and 21 polyclinics. We spoke with Arturo Gordo Carbajo, Director of Security and Systems at HM Hospitales, about how Rubrik has helped them save time, reduce operational costs, and focus on their overall IT strategy.

Tell me about HM Hospitales and your overall IT strategy.
HM Hospitales offers high-quality patient care and access to the latest advances in medicine. We’re a patient-focused group, and IT plays a critical role in providing the best patient care and services to our employees. My team is responsible for keeping infrastructure up and running across all the hospitals.

To support our network of hospitals and patients, we needed a single, secure data management solution for the centres that the Group has in four autonomous communities: Madrid, Galicia, Castilla-La Mancha, and Castilla y León.

What challenges were you experiencing with your legacy solution?
We needed a change because our previous backup solution was too labor intensive and complex to manage. It required two systems from different manufacturers. We had to dedicate a full-time employee to manage backups. We had several locations and very complex backup management, which turned out to be the perfect ecosystem for Rubrik.

Why did you choose Rubrik?
We partnered with Sicrom, a company that provides consulting services, technology and outsourcing, and it was clear from the beginning which data management solution was the best choice. We quickly realized the power and innovation behind Rubrik, freeing up our time and resources and allowing us to focus on our overall IT strategy.

From the beginning, we were blown away by the significant reduction in operational costs and time spent managing backup. Additionally, its easy-to-use interface was a huge advantage over other solutions in the market.

What results have you seen with Rubrik?

  • 33% TCO savings: “HM Hospitales realized immediate cost savings after deploying Rubrik. Over the next 5 years, we will achieve a 33% reduction in TCO.”
  • 96% management time savings: “With Rubrik, we have gone from requiring a person dedicated to managing backup for 8 hours a day to spending just 20 minutes. Rubrik gives us peace of mind.”
  • Significantly reduced data center footprint: “Previously, our legacy backup solution was fragmented across different hospitals. Now, we have a centralized system across all locations. As a result, energy costs have been greatly reduced.”
  • Live mount for test/dev and recovery: “Rubrik’s Live Mount feature allows us to mount VMs directly onto Rubrik for accelerated test/dev and for much faster restores than with traditional legacy vendors.”
  • Archival to NAS: “Rubrik easily integrates with NAS, delivering a SLA policy-driven approach to archival. As a result, it allows us to meet strict compliance requirements, such as Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos (LOPD).”
  • Global predictive search: “Rubrik indexes all snapshots. Its Google-like search provides instant granular search and recovery. Previously, we would have to manually search for each server, folder, or file.”

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