A South Florida staple since 1926, Grove Bank & Trust is the oldest continuously operating bank in Miami Dade County. Named for the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami that hosts its headquarters, Grove Bank & Trust delivers checking, savings, lending, financial planning, insurance, and investment services to customers through its five branch offices in Miami, Aventura, and Coral Gables. At Grove Bank & Trust, CIO Sergio Garcia leads a team of three that handles all IT functions and initiatives across the entire bank.

What challenges were you experiencing with data protection?
Our legacy backup solution was unreliable, difficult to manage, and often resulted in failed backups. These inadequacies placed Grove Bank at risk of being non-compliant with SLAs and industry regulations. We have to hold a lot of our data for multiple years, and we weren’t backing up everything that we needed to in case of a disaster. It’s not just that the old solution was difficult to use, it’s that it made it difficult to provide the regulators with proof that we have backups, can recover, and have completed adequate testing.

What were you looking for in your new solution?
The bank is growing very rapidly, and we’ve been aggressively pursuing ways to leverage technology to keep supporting that growth. To execute on these objectives, it’s essential that all of Grove Bank’s tools and processes provide maximum leverage for our IT team. Anything that reduces management overhead is a huge value add for us. If we’re burning four to five hours of someone’s day on backups, we’re in trouble.

How has your experience with Rubrik been?
Rubrik helped solve our backup issues and gave us confidence that we’re set up for success going forward. We just went through Hurricane Irma, and we were not the least bit concerned about our ability to recover because we were sure that we had 100% of our system backed up. Working with Rubrik gave me a peace of mind that I never experienced with my old vendor.

What benefits have you seen with Rubrik?

  • Significant time management reduction: I review a report every morning that summarizes the backup activity, and usually that’s the only time we’ll spend on backups for the day. It would be a rare day indeed if my team spent more than 15 minutes total managing our backups.
  • Global search and instant recovery: We had a situation the other day where we needed to restore two files. With the search, we quickly found the backups and sent them the files in less than 10 minutes total. If we had been using our old solution, I can’t even put a number on how long it would have taken.
  • Significant cost savings: The ROI for what we spent on Rubrik will be fast. If we look at our old solution’s performance and factor in all the efficiencies Rubrik brings, the savings will pay for our investment within a year.
  • Increased security and compliance: Regulators ask for proof that we have backups, that we can recover, and that we’ve done an exercise where we’ve restored datasets. With Rubrik, we have documentation to show the regulators everything they need to certify our compliance.
  • Simple, easily deployable platform: We had a great engineer from Rubrik, and it was an incredible experience to get up and running so quickly. After that, I was a believer–it’s really that easy to set up and use.

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