With roots dating back to the late 1800s, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP is one of today’s leading global law firm with offices around the world. Recognized by the Financial Times as one of North America’s most innovative law firms and by legal research firm BTI Consulting as one of the top 20 firms for client service, Pillsbury is highly regarded for their forward-thinking approach. We recently spoke to David Comer, Senior Network Engineer, about his team’s experience with Rubrik.

Tell us about Pillsbury’s IT strategy.
Our IT strategy is to be on the leading edge of technology. Both our global staff and clients expect our systems to be up and running 24/7, so we invest heavily in technologies that ensure high application availability. We are always looking for ways to consolidate, be more economical, and help our attorneys be as efficient as possible through innovative technology.

What issues were you experiencing with your legacy backup solution?
Our company relies heavily on Exchange, SQL, and Sharepoint to get our work done. With our previous solution, the recovery process for mounting Exchange Databases to recover mailbox items was extremely manual. It would take us an hour to restore a single VM, and if we were going back more than seven days, we had even greater challenges. Moreover, our legacy backup solution was not scalable, which is critical as our data footprint continues to grow.

What excited you about Rubrik?
It is very important to us as a company to work with a vendor that embraces APIs. We are always looking for new ways to integrate automation into our workflows, and Rubrik really impressed us with their extensive suite of RESTful APIs.

Why did you ultimately choose Rubrik as your data management solution?
We had evaluated offerings from other vendors but none of them seemed to be able to effectively deal with data sprawl. The more data we backed up, the more it was going to cost us – it wasn’t ever going to end from a pricing perspective. Rubrik allows us to easily accommodate our rapid data growth. It also helps us to realize massive cost savings from not having to buy additional storage in the future.

What other benefits have you seen?

  • 90% management time savings: Being able to see in our customized morning report exactly what the current state of the previous day’s backups is massive. We’ve gone from 30 minutes a day to less than a minute a day in terms of management time savings.
  • Rubrik Polaris GPS for centralized management: We’re excited about Rubrik Polaris GPS because it will provide one simple and intuitive interface to navigate our global environment. Rubrik already has our data backed up, now it will allow us to find new and innovative ways to analyze that data on-demand.
  • Live Mount for VM recovery: One of my favorite Rubrik features is Live Mount. The ability to pull out any piece of the VM without impacting production gives me maximum flexibility and the level of control I want.
  • Faster ransomware recovery: As a legal institution, the safety of our organization’s data is always top of mind. We’re excited about Rubrik Polaris Radar, which can augment our security stack while providing faster and simpler recovery workflows. Rubrik continues to integrate security with data protection, ensuring that all our backed-up data is safeguarded in the event that we experience a Ransomware attack.

Interested in learning more? Watch the video below.

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