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Pre-built automation tools and integrations to help your business stay ahead of the curve and deliver IT-as-a service.

Configuration Management

Enable your DevOps team to use the tools they love. Easily plug into your favorite configuration management tool to simplify management and deployments across hundreds of workloads. It’s so easy to use that one our customers reduced a 2-page long script down to 10 lines with Rubrik!

Automation Languages and Tools

We are committed to building an open community. Build and share even more capabilities on top of Rubrik using your preferred programming language.

Cloud Management

Reduce management and configuration times for your cloud environments from hours to minutes. Leverage our API integrations to eliminate complex, repetitive steps for daily management and orchestration tasks.

Easily Integrate or Build Whatever You Want With an API-first Platform

To help you get started quickly, we provide several resources and support for free. If you want to build yourself, we provide top-of-the line documentation, example code, and sample uses cases. If you want to consume our APIs out of the box, we offer multiple pre-built integrations – some of which you can see on our Github pages.

Rubrik - Easily Integrate or Build Whatever You Want With an API-first Platform

Trusted by Users

“With Rubrik, we were able to integrate with ServiceNow. We took a very complex process of restoring a virtual machine with multiple teams involved, and simplified that down into a simple interface in ServiceNow. A couple clicks of a button, and the engineers themselves can restore a complete virtual machine.”

Sean Donaldson CTO

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