At Rubrik, we’re committed to delivering the best data management capabilities seamlessly to our customers and partners. Customer Trust was one of the first functions we focused on building, because Rubrik’s customer-first philosophy is founded on the core pillars of transparency and security. Our goal is to deliver the same, seamless service Rubrik expects from its own suppliers and vendors in every customer and partner interaction. 

Our customer trust philosophy is rooted in the Cloud Data Management platform’s security and built around a few additional elements, including compliance with privacy regulations. Most customers are focused on how security is integrated into Rubrik’s products, the platform’s core infrastructure and its internal systems. Other key elements that make up customer trust include compliance, privacy, and assurance. Rubrik complies with various regulations, such as CCPA and GDPR, as well as various product certifications. 

In order to promote transparency around what we do, Rubrik launched the Customer Trust Portal to offer customers visibility into the security, privacy, system availability, and overall reliability of Rubrik's products and services. This helps Rubrik drive innovation under the guidance of customer needs, with transparency as a core business philosophy. 

The Compliance page also provides information related to the regulations and independent product certifications that Rubrik’s products and services are compliant with. 

The creation of the Customer Trust Portal was phase one of enabling Rubrik’s customers and partners to better understand our security, privacy and compliance capabilities. We plan to increase engagement through customer dialogue on thought leadership content, with the goal of always acting transparently and promoting open communication on important topics such as security, privacy and compliance.

At the core of the Customer Trust Portal are Rubrik’s trust tenets, which include:

  • Building a reputation of transparency: Putting the security and privacy of data at the core of our business. Being authentic and genuine with our customers and partners.

  • Being proactive with communications: Keeping communication channels open and being transparent in the event of an issue or incident.

  • Enacting empathy for our customers and partners: Understanding what is important to them and why, and doing our best to deliver.

  • Delivering exceptional customer service and experiences: Delivering exceptional service and experiences that delight our customers and partners. There is no parallel to exceptional customer service. 

No business can succeed without the trust of its customers, and when a company like Rubrik is responsible for assisting with the management of its customers’ most valuable asset – data – trust is more important than ever. For example, Rubrik recently helped one customer recover from a cyberattack that affected its entire network. The CIO cited Rubrik as the organization’s ransomware remediation solution, recognizing that transparent and secure data management practices were essential to successfully protecting users and preserving public trust.

To learn more about Rubrik’s security, privacy and compliance practices, you can visit the Customer Trust Portal.