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Now in Rubrik: Orchestrated DR, Continuous Data Protection, and SLA Policy-Based Advancements

Rubrik - Now in Rubrik: Orchestrated DR, Continuous Data Protection, and SLA Policy-Based Advancements - Now in Rubrik: Orchestrated DR, Continuous Data Protection, and SLA Policy-Based Advancements

At Rubrik, we’re committed to developing strong technology partnerships so that our customers can seamlessly use Rubrik’s innovative solutions to meet business SLAs with their existing systems. One of these critical technology partnerships is with VMware, as many of our customers running on VMware leverage Rubrik to protect their environments, eliminate data management complexity, and unlock massive savings. Today, we’re thrilled to announce additional innovations for VMware with Rubrik Andes 5.1, which delivers groundbreaking solutions for data classification, DR orchestration, and continuous data protection across Rubrik Cloud Data Management (RCDM) and Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform. 

Cloud DR Orchestration. VMware to AWS.

When it comes to DR runbook creation and execution, many organizations continue to rely on manual processes. These labor-intensive tasks are often error prone, slow, and can lead to loss of critical data. To ensure a high degree of availability and protection, all organizations will benefit from the use of DR orchestration – creating automated, repeatable, testable plans that are integrated directly into IT environments and processes. 

Polaris AppFlows is a new SaaS application that delivers radically simple DR orchestration: failover, failback, application migration, and non-disruptive testing from VMware data centers to AWS. AppFlows is tightly integrated into the Rubrik environment and delivers these DR capabilities utilizing workloads and data already being protected in the Rubrik environment. It leverages our CloudOn technology to automate conversion of VMware VM snapshots into EC2 instances and provides an easy-to-use framework for mapping VMware environments into AWS. Users can quickly and easily develop DR plans and cloud migrations while achieving minutes-level RTOs.

Rubrik’s trademark simplicity wouldn’t be possible without its policy-driven approach to data protection. AppFlows introduces Blueprints for managing groups of VMs and uses the same SLA construct across Blueprints so customers can consolidate multiple manual steps and achieve single-click failover. And as applications run in AWS, Rubrik provides built-in cloud-native protection (that eliminates any risk of data loss while running in the cloud) and automates failback while minimizing egress costs. This means that customers now have a holistic solution to unify all of their data protection needs in just one platform.

Minimize Data Loss with VMware Ready-Certified, One-Click Continuous Data Protection

While snapshot technology is incredibly effective to protect data at discrete points in time, for mission-critical applications, even the slightest amount of downtime can be detrimental to the business. To ensure business continuity, these applications need to have data backed up and protected every time the data is changed and restorable to the last point of modification. 

Rubrik Andes 5.1 delivers VMware Ready-certified and natively-integrated continuous data protection (CDP), providing near-zero RPOs for high-value applications in VMware environments. By leveraging a journal-based approach, Rubrik offers a continuous stream of recovery points for enterprises, allowing customers to rollback to an exact point in time and minimize data loss in the event of a failure, data corruption, or ransomware attack. 

Rubrik CDP is enabled with just one click within the SLA policy engine, so customers can enjoy a unified experience for all data protection policies while eliminating the need to install and manage yet another point solution.

Simplify Management for Large-Scale VMware Environments

SLA Domain is core to Rubrik’s simple approach to data protection, applying policy-driven automation to the complex task of creating and managing jobs. With SLA Domain, IT organizations are able to easily meet business SLAs while also achieving time management savings and significantly lower costs.

When speaking with our customers, we found that one of the most common requests was to further extend our SLA Domain capabilities and make managing large VMware environments even easier. Rubrik Andes 5.1 allows administrators to automatically assign SLA Domains to vSphere groupings based on tags, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate Rubrik protection into their existing tag management approach.

In addition, Andes 5.1 introduces Retention Locked SLA Domains, which prohibits clearing or shortening retention policies, deleting archival or replication locations when snapshots are stored on them, and prematurely deleting snapshots. This enhancement helps enterprises in heavily-regulated industries support WORM compliance for SEC Rule 17a-4(f) and FINRA Rule 4511(c). 

Rubrik Andes 5.1 brings new innovations to our comprehensive VMware portfolio, enabling enterprises to achieve increased business continuity, higher employee productivity, and simpler data management. 

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