Instant Recovery and Automation at Scale for VMware

Rubrik simplifies data management for enterprises running on VMware solutions. In the event of a disaster, ensure seamless recovery for your vSphere VMs with automated cloud DR orchestration and near-zero RPOs with continuous data protection.

How Enterprises Use Rubrik and VMware

Global Enterprises Rely on Rubrik and VMware

“With our previous solution, it could take hours to recover. With Rubrik, we’re able to satisfy most requests in less than 10 minutes. Outside departments are recognizing the solution as an important tool for recovering lost work.”

“On the back end, our team was having to manually manage VMs. By using Rubrik’s integration with vRO, we’ve automated the process of creating and deleting VMs before archiving it to AWS. This automated workflow was previously impossible without Rubrik.”

"Recovery times for a single VM went down from hours to minutes. We restored a system with multiple terabytes of data back into production in minutes using Rubrik’s Live Mount.”

"Our environment is 95% virtual. Rubrik’s ability to perform snapshots without affecting VMware is an excellent feature"

"We’re excited that we found Rubrik because it works seamlessly with vSAN. The solutions have a similar distributed, scale-out architecture and the combination is much more cost-effective than our previous solution."


Instant Recovery for VMware.

Don’t Backup. Go Forward.

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