Zero Setup, Instant Access, and Lower TCO

With Rubrik, your data is always “on” even when it’s tucked away in an archive tier, such as public cloud storage, on-site object stores, and NFS. We’re excited to team up with Cloudian, provider of Amazon S3-compatible on-site object storage. Cloudian offers HyperStore, software that transforms commodity servers into scalable and fault tolerant object stores. Together, Rubrik and Cloudian simplify how enterprises manage backup and long-term data retention in hybrid cloud environments.

A backup and archival strategy that stands strong in the face of unstoppable data growth and external/internal compliance regulations requires instant data accessibility, ease of scale, dead simple management, and economics that don’t break the company piggy bank. As you evaluate options to modernize backup and archival, here are three key things to know about Rubrik and Cloudian.

  1. Get started quickly.
    There’s no additional software installations or plugins necessary to connect Rubrik with Cloudian. Just set your target archival location to Cloudian. Define your archival policy in the same place where you define your backup policy. Move a slider to determine when data should be archived off the Brik (Rubrik appliance) and off you go.
  • Get instant, intelligent access to data.
    The neat thing about Rubrik is that it indexes all your data, no matter where it’s stored on-site (within Rubrik or Cloudian HyperStore) or off-site (AWS). It catalogues all your metadata and makes it quickly accessible without data rehydration. You can search and locate your data in a Google-like manner. Rubrik serves you suggested results once you start typing the file, folder, or VM name.
  • Lower your archival TCO.
    Object storage is a great alternative to file and block storage when you need petabyte-scalable capacity at a lower total cost of ownership. Adding Rubrik to the equation amplifies savings at the archival tier. Rubrik sends deduplicated data to HyperStore, reducing data transfer and storage costs for archival. Furthermore, as hardware ages, there’s no need for forklift upgrades, no need to migrate backup data from one (NFS) platform to another when using Rubrik and object storage. The operational costs of recovery come down when Rubrik’s search/instant mount capabilities are taken into account. There’s no time wasted restoring indexes, combing through catalogues, recalling tapes, waiting curbside for the tape truck to pull up, etc.
  • Building a 3-year cost schedule makes the savings even more apparent across different types of storage media. Say you’re protecting 100TB of source data and you’re looking to provide an archival policy comprised of 30 dailies, 12 monthlies, and 3 annual snapshots. At the end of year 3, you’re looking at almost 1.7 to 2.0x hard savings when comparing on-site object store vs. NAS or tape archival. In the chart below, we made a few assumptions:

    • you’re using Rubrik to archive to object store or NAS (storage savings from archiving deduplicated data)
    • you’ve opted for LTO-5 tapes, daily pickup
    • you’re paying $.01 per GB per month for object store, $.60 per GB for NAS, and $30 per LTO-5 tape



    To learn more about Rubrik and Cloudian, check out our joint solution brief here.

    Stay tuned as we roll out more joint activities in the near future.