How long does it take you to backup a multi-terabyte Oracle database? How long does it take you to restore such a large database or clone it for developers? How do you manage hundreds, if not thousands, of backup scripts as your databases proliferate? How do you empower DBAs and developers to self-serve their data recovery and access needs while maintaining data governance and compliance? These are the questions Oracle DBAs and backup admins struggle with every day, especially as their digital transformation initiatives cause mission-critical database explosion and prolonged backup and recovery times.

At Rubrik, we aim to remove these pain points and protect the world’s largest databases. We’re excited to introduce new capabilities built to run your mission-critical databases without compromising performance, security, and flexibility for DBAs, developers, and backup admins.

Our support for Oracle databases will address three key data management challenges: inferior recovery times of large-scale databases, management complexity from manual scripting, and operational inefficiencies between database and backup admins.  

  • Rubrik debuts Live Mount for Oracle databases, delivering near-zero RTOs with instant recovery and live migration upon failback. DBAs can also provide instant clones to developers, accelerating application development, testing and ETL (extract, transform, and load) workflows without any impact to production environments.
  • Rubrik eliminates management complexity via auto-discovery and our hallmark SLA policy-based automation. A lightweight connector installed on the Oracle database host will automatically discover all instances and databases. Once an SLA policy is mapped to business SLAs, Oracle databases will be automatically protected, replicated, and archived. This eliminates the traditional, time-consuming process of building and maintaining scripts.
  • Rubrik increases operational efficiencies between DBAs and backup admins by streamlining collaboration. For organizations in which Oracle DBAs fully control Oracle database backup, backup admins are concerned about resource contention, security, and compliance. Rubrik alleviates this concern by allowing backup admins to securely delegate backup and operational recovery duties to DBAs, while maintaining resource, security, and compliance management.

We are equally excited to introduce Elastic App Service (EAS), allowing DBAs to use existing RMAN workflows for backup and recovery while leveraging Rubrik’s intelligent, app-aware data reduction and automated data lifecycle management. EAS delivers high data reduction without draining compute resources, leading to better network and storage efficiency, even in cloud environments. Field tests have shown significant backup performance improvement vs. other solutions.

These new innovations unleash high performance and unprecedented management simplicity for the largest Oracle databases.