As enterprises undergo digital transformation, many have embraced hybrid cloud by hosting their applications on a blend of infrastructure platforms, including private cloud, public cloud, and traditional data centers. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, with over 90% of enterprises expected to use multiple cloud services and platforms by 2020.*

Today, we’re thrilled to help solve the biggest challenges of the hybrid cloud enterprise with Rubrik Alta 4.2. Our newest additions simplify how organizations manage and protect data across their hybrid cloud deployments, whether they are building on AWS or other environments. Here are the key highlights of our new offering:

Cloud-native Data Protection Through a Single Control Plane

As enterprises look to deploy more applications on AWS, many are burdened with complex and fragmented legacy solutions. Alta 4.2 makes it easier to protect workloads running on AWS EC2 through Rubrik’s cloud-native backup and lifecycle management capabilities. To do this, we use native AWS APIs to take snapshots of the EBS volumes and add core Rubrik services, including Google-like search, policy-driven automation, and instant data access. Our customers can also leverage this feature to instantiate a replica of any EC2 instance in another AWS availability zone or region–with just a few clicks.

With Alta 4.2, users can now enjoy Rubrik’s powerful orchestration and automation capabilities for their cloud-native apps, simplifying cloud migration and ensuring a single control plane for public cloud, private cloud, virtual, and physical workloads.

Improved Manageability for MSPs & Enterprises via Private Cloud and Self-service 

To bolster our multi-cloud offering, Rubrik Alta 4.2 integrates with vCloud Director (vCD), a popular platform for large enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that want to create an elastic, enterprise-cloud environment. Tenants can now protect VCD vApps with the same simplicity and enterprise-grade capabilities we make possible for VMs today.

We’re also excited to introduce Rubrik Envoy to deliver even greater simplicity for protecting workloads in multi-tenant environments with highly-segregated networks. Envoy acts as a trusted ambassador, connecting the MSP Rubrik cluster network to tenant networks. With Envoy, Service Providers can offer backup-as-a-service to co-hosted tenants and partner resellers, accelerating self-service with on-demand backup and recovery.

Simple Data Management for Data Center Workloads

When speaking with our customers, unprecedented simplicity and an intuitive UI are phrases we often hear in regards to Rubrik’s key benefits. These continue to be our guiding principles as we extend to more enterprise environments with extensive deployments across data center and cloud.

We found that many customers fell in love with how we simplified physical Linux and Windows protection using self-managing connectors. Alta 4.2 deepens our physical support to IBM AIX with policy-based management architecture, incremental-forever backups, and secure cloud archival. Now, customers can effortlessly migrate archival workloads to the cloud directly from the Rubrik GUI.

Along the way, we continue to enhance the features our customers already know and love, such as reporting, security protocol upgrades, faster RTOs for cloud recovery, VM linking, and our NAS product designed for large-scale environments.

We’re reaffirming our commitment to supporting and unlocking new value for enterprises that are adopting hybrid cloud models. The Rubrik Alta 4.2 release helps our customers simplify data management across their entire infrastructure footprint, delivering both flexibility and scale to speed up their cloud adoption. Stay tuned for deeper dives into our new capabilities and use cases.

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*Statistic from IDC FutureScape: WorldWide IT Industry Predictions 2021