More and more, leading enterprises are turning to next-generation databases to run their businesses and serve their customers. NoSQL databases have become mainstream, with MongoDB and Cassandra / DataStax powering some of the most prominent customer-facing applications. Earlier this year, Rubrik acquired market leader Datos IO after realizing the growing need for a solution built to protect NoSQL databases at enterprise scale.



Today, we’re thrilled to announce Datos IO 3.0, codenamed Cygnus, which delivers Rubrik simplicity at NoSQL scale. Our Cygnus release is packed with capabilities to meet the stringent data management needs of large-scale production environments. These features span across three vectors: enterprise-grade features to provide a simple and powerful user experience at scale; new capabilities designed for growing, high change-rate MongoDB workloads; and complete hybrid and multi-cloud support. Here are the key highlights of our new offerings:

Enterprise Readiness

The majority of our customers are within the enterprise market segment. These organizations are becoming trailblazers of new products and technology for two simple reasons: digital transformation initiatives are accelerating adoption of modern applications and non-relational databases, and modern databases require durable data management that matches the standards of traditional relational databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and DB2.  

Cygnus fulfills these standards by introducing database-level backup and recovery, security features such as Qualys certification and TLS/SSL communications, and enterprise policy management for the database and infrastructure teams. We’re also improving deployment by now offering Datos IO as Amazon Machine Image (AMI). This is part of a broader effort to simplify the user experience, from installation to recovery, for the largest NoSQL workloads. Specifically, now with Datos IO available both as AMI and Docker, we are enabling one-click installation and upgrades as well as integration with commonly deployed orchestration engines such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

Doubling Down on Data Protection for MongoDB

Gartner highlights that the modern database management systems (DBMS and OSDBMS) market is about $2.6 billion in spending and growing 50% year over year in adoption.  This type of market analysis coupled with the customer demand that we see guided the vision of Cygnus and its support for growing MongoDB workloads.

High change rates, database node counts, and table counts all tax data protection requirements and demand a scalable underlying architecture to meet these growing environments. One of the most exciting capabilities of Cygnus is a new multi-node, scale-out architecture for MongoDB backup and recovery to address the rapidly growing data sets of MongoDB deployments we’re seeing world wide. Cygnus also brings streaming recovery to accelerate restore times in large, distributed environments. This provides further resiliency from network, storage, and node failures. It also powers Datos IO’s other recovery features, including orchestrated recovery, any point-in-time (APIT) recovery, queryable recovery, and advanced capabilities such as masking and undersampling. In the same vein, we’re introducing a brand new express recovery feature so that organizations can address disaster recovery (DR) scenarios and easily meet aggressive RTOs even when working with extremely large data sets.

Multi-Cloud and Microservices-based Deployments

Many enterprises started with AWS or Google Cloud as their public cloud platform, both of which Datos IO has supported since its 1.0 release. But enterprises have also been adopting Microsoft Azure as the platform for new applications and to implement multi-cloud initiatives. With Cygnus, organizations can use Datos IO natively on Azure to protect NoSQL databases and store backups natively on Azure Blob Storage; they can also send backup data over the network (Azure ExpressRoute) directly to Azure Blob Storage. This is our first step with Azure, and we will be integrating with other key Azure services in future releases.

To further advance our multi-cloud functionality, we have also worked very closely with the Oracle Cloud team to bring Datos IO 3.0 to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  

Finally, to meet the cloud-native deployment scenarios and use cases of *as-a-service deployments (PaaS, SaaS), we found that customers are accelerating their use of Docker containers. Cygnus enables these organizations to protect their containerized NoSQL deployments and deploy Datos IO as a Docker container, bringing ease-of-deployment and ease-of-use across DevOps and infrastructure teams.

NoSQL Scale, Rubrik Simplicity

Cygnus builds on Rubrik’s vision of cloud data management for all applications and all databases, anywhere and everywhere. Our focus in this market segment has served us very well, and post-Rubrik acquisition, we’re leveraging our investments and resources to help realize customer demands for modern NoSQL data protection. We’re honored by our recent industry recognition, including being named a top-10 hottest cloud computing product by The Channel Company and an IDC Innovators 2018: Data Services for Hybrid Cloud. These achievements solidify our mission and empower us to keep building for the modern-day enterprise.   

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