Application-Consistent Backup and Recovery for Cassandra

Deliver cluster-consistent backups and repair-free recoveries. Eliminate complex home-grown backup tools and unleash up to 80% in hard savings. Rubrik Datos IO delivers application-consistent, point-in-time recoveries for your on-prem and cloud deployments of DataStax and Apache Cassandra.

Next-Gen Data Management for Cassandra

As you build and scale mission critical applications on Cassandra, Rubrik Datos IO helps you automate backup and any point-in-time recoveries to meet your SLAs for compliance and GDPR while protecting against Ransomware. Even as you scale deployments across multiple geos and clouds. Accelerate application development efforts by recovering the latest production data for your test/dev environment utilizing another database topology.

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App-Consistent Recoveries

Deliver app-consistent recoveries with a policy-driven approach. Backups are always available in native formats. Orchestrate column family-level recoveries to clusters with an any-to-any topology restore.

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60-80% Hard Savings

Reap up to 80% savings by reducing storage costs in the cloud or on-prem with Rubrik Datos IO’s patented semantic deduplication. Amplify savings with incremental forever.

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Development Efficiencies

Refresh production data into dev and test clusters with an any-to-any topology restore. Leverage advanced features such as queryable recovery, TTL support, masking, undersampling, and more.

Reference Architecture

Rubrik Datos IO RecoverX for Cassandra

1 Protect Cassandra and DataStax databases with RecoverX, a software-defined data management control plane. Integrate with Cassandra via well defined APIs and leverage an intelligent SLA policy engine.
2 Stream data in parallel to secondary backup storage by using lightweight Application Listeners. Backups are cluster-consistent across any Cassandra cluster size.
3 Restore data in parallel from/to Cassandra, resulting in reduced RPOs and RTOs. Deliver incremental forever backups from any or multiple nodes and in native formats. Orchestrate restore operations.
4 Use patented semantic deduplication technology to cut on-premises / cloud storage costs by up to 80%.
5 Automate test/dev refresh with column family level granularity and cross-cloud mobility. Any-to-any topology restore delivers data from and to unlike clusters. Advanced support for TTL helps achieve test/dev use cases.


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