How confident are you in your Epic EHR data backups?

Here at Rubrik, we understand that our healthcare customers rely on their electronic healthcare record (EHR) system for real-time access to patient health data. Any downtime of this mission-critical system would jeopardize the quality of patient care and risk non-compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

Unfortunately, legacy backup solutions are increasingly stretched by the explosive growth of healthcare data and rising intensity of ransomware and malware attacks. Protecting large EHR systems is difficult, with slow backup and recovery performance potentially compromising patient data availability. Without proper security, backups of production data are equally vulnerable to ransomware attacks. And on top of these security risks, legacy backup systems are complex and require significant management time, often from dedicated specialists.

With Andes 5.0, Rubrik addresses these pain points by extending its policy-driven data protection to both physical and virtualized Epic EHR systems. Here are a few of the key differentiators that set Rubrik apart:

  • High-performance backups. Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) accelerates Epic backups with parallel ingestion and an incremental-forever approach, with no impact on the Epic production system.
  • SLA policy-driven automation. Through a single policy engine, backup administrators create and automate backup, replication, and archival policies–all with just a few clicks. This approach significantly reduces daily management time and eliminates the need for specialized training.
  • Ransomware defense. With Rubrik, all of the data is stored in an immutable format, preventing ransomware from ever accessing and encrypting the backups. In addition, Radar delivers 1-click recoveries with AI-driven insights into how data had changed during an attack.
  • Fast file-level recovery. Rubrik makes it easy to access data instantly for recovery, test and development, or analytics. Google-like predictive search helps users quickly find their desired VM, database, or file regardless of location.
  • Live Mount for Epic Clarity. DBAs can spin up clones of SQL or Oracle databases in Epic Clarity for instant restores. Live Mount also helps accelerate app development by enabling off-production testing and development.
  • Secure backups to any location. Rubrik encrypts data both in-transit and at-rest to keep your patient data protected, whether the backups are stored on-premises or in the cloud.

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